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New Theme Up and Running

The new theme (WP-VYBE) is finally up!  What do you think?   You know me, if you hate it say you love it anyway because I just spent the last two days working on it.  I’m ok with you just amusing me.

This theme is awesome and I really must give a big shout out to Michael over at Solostream.com for helping me out along the way!  He did a fantastic job on creating this theme and is super quick getting back to you for support.

Now that I have everything fixed, the upkeep should be a lot easier.  My old theme was nice but it was getting a bit outdated and required me changing things in the code whenever I wanted to add something new.  This theme is new and fresh and has soooo many things integrated with it.

So now I can get back to blogging about regular crap again!

About Tammy

A Canadian girl living in the Netherlands with her Dutch hubby. A total TV and movie junkie who enjoys crafting, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her 'new' country.

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  1. Love the new look! Nice a clean :)

    Alisons last blog post… California (Day) Dreamin’

  2. Wowie it looks super snazzy;o)

    Sonyas last blog post… Long Week

  3. Ziet er goed uit!!

  4. I hate when things change totally and utterly, so this I love! It’s still familiar, but newer and cleaner and looking really good :-)
    Also – did you get that pattern? It was a lot of pdf’s so the email might have got lost…

  5. Very cool. Now my own blog looks pathetic ;)

    Ambers last blog post… Every Dog Gets His Day…in Court!

  6. Looking good.. nice layout!

  7. I think it looks great! The blue is awesome and the blog entries are easier to find. Good work!

  8. Your new layout looks fantastic; it has a more professional and current feel about it. Nice job!

  9. Thanks all, I’m glad ya’s like it! I really wanted something new but I wanted to keep it still looking like ‘Canadutch’. I think I managed to keep a good balance between old and new :) I can only handle the same thing for so long hehe

  10. Hello! I’m also an expat living in the Netherlands! It’s great to stumble across your site! :) I don’t know what it looked like before, but it’s gorrrrg now!

    I’m also looking to find if any expats know ANYTHING about where I could potentially find a club to play soccer for in the Haarlem/Amsterdam area… any ideas, even on where to search?!

    Jaimes last blog post… Life Lessons 101: Vol. 1, How to Attract Men at a Rave

  11. 100% good! I like it! I agree it is nice & clean, and the blog entries are easy to find. So many on one page & with the right touch!

  12. 100% good! I like it! I agree it is nice & clean, and the blog entries are easy to find. So many on one page & with the right touch!

    Isabellas last blog post… Op de Fiets

  13. Love your new theme Breigh, but your blog has become very slow now =(. Dunno if its just me, but after the new design it takes 6-10sec for it to load.

    Eriks last blog post… Apple iTunes blocked in China

  14. I am also having an issue loading the site…it is super slow.

    Ambers last blog post… Ye Olde Department BBQ

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