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Bedroom Reno Part 6 – Completed: Before and After

Well the bedroom is almost done and other than a few finishing touches (like door handles!), we are finished, whew!

Here are some before and after shots to compare.













Before (the shelves weren’t always that messy, I was changing the room around when I took this pic and just threw everything on there to getit out of the way):




There you have it, our new super comfy and cozy bedroom!

We ended up getting a few more things than we had anticipated, like a new mattress (which was desperately needed), but that happens in every renovation project I think.

Xander is afraid, because his ‘man cave’ (the spare room, which he uses as an office / play room) is next!

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A Canadian living in France with her Dutch hubby after 17 years in the Netherlands. A total TV and movie junkie who is never not knitting. She also enjoys other crafts, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her 'new' country.

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  1. Wow! Great job! It looks fantastic!

    Alisons last blog post… November Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars!

  2. WOW!!!!!What a difference, LOOKS GREAT!!!!!VERY COZY :)

  3. You did an amazing job! It looks great!

    AndiMACs last blog post… A little Sarah on Sunday

  4. looks gorgeous tammy! congratulations!

  5. Wow, stunning!

    Great design and quite the improvement.

    Ambers last blog post… America

  6. We have that same mirror! I love the changes you made, it looks really nice =)

    Kims last blog post… Favorite Things Monday

  7. Oh I just LOVE it! I wanna come over and spend the night now..lol I love the picture above your bed!! I noticed on your door you have those window things at the top. I find that so odd that they have those here..same with the bathrooms. I dont understand it. Our bedroom doors all have square windows in them but it’s that weird frosted glass where you cant see anything threw it..makes no sense at all. You both did a beautiful job!!!

    Sonyas last blog post… Spicy Potato Wedges

  8. Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, you’ve done a good job with the renovation. Did you do the color scheme yourself? It’s superb. And the lighting is perfect too. I’m still doing mine (last year when I arrived my husband had a giant poster of Scooby Doo up on the wall – even though it’s a real one and was very expensive I vetoed it and now it’s stored on the loft). But it’s not fully done yet, lighting will be the last touch before putting up some pictures and paintings back on the new wallpapered walls again. I just need time to do it, I’m very indecisive if it comes to designing and decorating, I can be retro today and Victorian the next day, green lover this minute and purple the next second!

    Finally Wokens last blog post… Wii Will Rock You

  9. um, wow. hi Top Design.

    looks GREAT.

    Cryss last blog post… Thank You

  10. (pardon me, delurking for a moment :)) Your reno belongs in a magazine! The after-photos are gorgeous! (calling HGTV*!)

  11. Wow I love the bedroom, it looks so warm and cozy. Great job you guys.

    Melissa Ds last blog post… Should baby make 4 (well technically 6 I guess)

  12. Now thats what I call an extreme makeover, looks like ones you find on display at ikea. Wonderful job!

    Decoras last blog post… Mijn Keuken

  13. Looks great!!! I love the colour scheme ;). But man what a difference. Are you getting use to a mattress with support now?

    Melissas last blog post… 1:20AM.. and I’m up…

  14. very very nice!!

    marits last blog post… Marinda, the photographer

  15. Wow, that’s beautiful!!! What a difference! I love those colors and I agree the painting is lovely! But…hey, where are you going to put the TV? :) :)

  16. I love your apartment! The painting is so beautiful, the wall frame is cool, the lovely curtain, the cozy bed, etc. You can become an interior designer.

    By the way, are you feeling better?

    Bluefishs last blog post… The award goes to…

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