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Two Dogs + One Camera = Back Agony


If you have two dogs, and you use those extension leads with the big plastic handles… don’t do like I did today and think you can hold both of them and your camera at the same time.  Whatever is out there can wait.  Otherwise, you will just end up deciding it’s a good idea to put one lead between your legs so you have a hand free for the camera. 

It’s true, but when the dog sees a cat – watch out!  Your SUDDEN THIGH CLENCHING BENDING SQUATTING action is guaranteed to give you one hell of a pulled back. OWFUCKINGOWWOMG!!

I am an idiot, and if there is any possibility to injure myself at the worst possible moment, you can be sure I’ll find a way to do it.  Argh! *Swears profusely*

You know what I feel like sometimes?   Like I’m in my own little bizarre episode of Dead Like Me (that reminds me, I still must write my review of that movie!).   You know what I mean?  It’s like I have gravelings following me around trying to get me but my reaper is a moron who saves me all the time so I get away with just an injury here and there.    I’m just after getting a cortisone injection in my foot last week because of a tear in my joint after walking weird on a dog toy, and now this.

I’m so pissed off.   I am supposed to go to the Keukenhof tomorrow to take super awesome flower photos, and I’m pretty sure that requires the ability to bend.   I was a bit worried that my foot may not be fully healed and start hurting again, as it’s a ton of walking… but that wasn’t going to stop me from going.   It’s also the beginning of my Lady Business so I was questioning if I would really feel like going, but I do, and I wanna go.   That’s what I get for just once saying I sort of secretly wished it might rain so I could sit home and be cranky and crampy in peace…  I didn’t really mean it!   I want to take flower photos and be out in the sun and come home and put tons of pics online and refresh obsessively to see if people commented on them dammit!!!!

My back better feel better in the morning, or … well, I don’t know what… but it won’t be good.   I see a lot of get-up-like-a-pregnant-woman moments and pouting in my near future.  Even if it does hurt I may still go and walk through as much as I can.   I’ll just bring a book (and painkillers) and plant myself somewhere to wait for the others if the pain gets too bad.

Oh, and the spectacular photos I was hoping to get of the dogs while I was out there?  Pfft.  Yeah right.   Trying to get two of them in the same shot, staying still, without leads in the way or one of them eating some other dogs poo was impossible.

This, sadly, is the best I got and that’s only because they were a flight of stairs above me on the way back up to our flat, so I didn’t have to bend.  SO not worth it!

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  1. I once went head first down a flight of stairs the day before I was to take a trip to Florida. Maybe I should not have been trying to jump them on skates, but I blame Papa smurf for the accident.

    phils last blog post… What do you mean you are all out…..

  2. You sure we are not related? I seem almost as accident prone as you. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Melissa Ds last blog post… I thought I would never have to say/do this…

  3. I swear woman, you are a walking disaster! I am so sorry you hurt your back. Anything I can do just give me a call, we are home all weekend :)

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