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I Want A Back-Rubbing Robot!


My husband came home last night after a weekend away with his Lego / Robot buddies.  They were working on… god I’m not even going to try to explain it, it’s this, and they did get it working.

I love that my husband has a hobby that he’s so interested in and gets so much enjoyment out of.  I don’t even mind that he leaves me sometimes for days on end while he and the boys are off sorting things out and creating their latest and greatest robotics project.

There is one thing I’d like to know though…

Where’s the love for the wives and girlfriends?!  HUH?? WHERE’S OUR ROBOTS?!  I think it’s time us Lego Widows stood up in protest!

If they can spend countless hours making robots to drive little cars, pick up boxes and all the other cool things they do, can they not throw a robot or two our way once in a while?  Let’s take the recent robot arm for example…  I’m sure it could be adapted in various ways to help us out as well.

  • Adding an extra hand and a little tweaking, and they’d hear the last of our pleas for back scratches and back rubs.  Giving it the ability to hold one of these would add a great head massager to the mix as well.  Our men would be totally off the hook!
  • Giving the robot arm the ability to hold a wooden spoon and move in a more circular motion would give us a fantastic stirrer for in the kitchen. Imagine how much sooner dinner would be ready if we had a robot to stir food while we prepared other portions of the meal!
  • A Fetch-Bot!  I know it can be done, so why do Pixel and Bailey not have their own fetch bot?  They are good little dogs, they deserve one!
  • I think if I had a robot to water my plants, I’d not kill them nearly as easily!  Granted, it would require me remembering to fill a reservoir BUT if we could somehow connect it to our dehumidifier, I wouldn’t have to do anything.  Think of the plants people, it’s like plantocide in here!
  • Two words.  Window cleaning.  One long arm, a cloth and it’s a done deal!
  • Can robots detect dust?  I mean, if they can and if they can clean windows, they can dust.  Just sayin’.
  • Reaching robots.  Who is going to get the stuff from the top shelf when they are away?  Reaching robots, that’s who!

It’s not like I’m asking for a robotic sex toy or anything.  We all know they would never make us one of those because they know they’d just be making themselves obsolete… but is the rest too much to ask?  We support their hobby, we make sure they have clean clothes to crawl around the floor in and food in their bellies.  Don’t we deserve a little robot love too?

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A Canadian living in France with her Dutch hubby after 17 years in the Netherlands. A total TV and movie junkie who is never not knitting. She also enjoys other crafts, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her 'new' country.

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  1. This is so amazing! I really like playing with Lego and I am aware of the awesome things you can create with it but still I am so amazed with what your husband is working on! I love it! I think that a robot hand will be a great help around the house! I love your idea for having a window cleaning hand. I really hate cleaning the windows at home and I haven’t even dream of something that will help me with this dreadful chore but the idea of having a window-cleaning or meal-stirring robot hand made me dreamy! Thanks for sharing! Thumbs up for the post! :) Greets!

  2. My sons LEGO (if left on the floor) gets swept out by the maid (and when I get home ofter here day on duty, I sift through the rubbish and take the LEGO back out!) :)

    • Omg, Xander would have a hernia if even one of his pieces was missing, and I bet he’d notice too. He’s got like Lego Spidey senses!

  3. Xander needs to come over to Iowa next fall to help us with our First Lego League group. The Mindstorms totally kicked our ass for some reason, just couldn’t get them to do what we wanted consistently.
    .-= Nobody´s last blog ..Nothing a little money won’t fix =-.

    • I was telling him you said that and he said he’d be happy to if you guys want to pay to fly him there haha He could also be a remote coach, he does that for a team in Australia or something I think! Let me know, if you want I can put you two in touch :)

  4. O.M.G. I hope to Gawd that that room on the picture is not your living room… However much I loved my husband (let’s for arguments sake say I would have one), THAT would drive me bonkers LOL
    .-= DutchBitch´s last blog ..Scrape till you drop! =-.

  5. I agree!!!

    And now that we have kids I am seeing my husband channeling his inner child. He spends more time playing with the train table than Hunter does. I am scared to see what happens once lego comes into our house!!!
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Babies and Bonfires =-.

  6. I want one of thse robots too! Like one that can clean the damn bathroom..I hate that chore. I want a crafting robot..but they cant better than me..lol
    .-= Sonya´s last blog ..Sunday’s In My City.. =-.

    • Oh god yeah I don’t like doing the bathroom either. Especially the grout in the shower, it seems like it’s getting yucky again within a day of me cleaning it. Drives me bananas.

      I wouldn’t mind a crafting robots for the bits I don’t enjoy, like the cutting. I’d be happy if I had a robot to cut my fabrics just right!

  7. I’m sure they have a robotic sex toy (not that I have looked into it). But I will put my orders in for the house chore cleaning robot!
    I sent your hubby’s blog to my husbands friend and he LOVED it!

    My mom had a rule – any lego on the floor was fair game for the vacuum cleaner. My kids also know any small toys have to stay off the floor or it’s the vacuums supper.
    Does that rule apply in your home?
    .-= Candee´s last blog ..Dutch Children are the happiest =-.

    • Oh yes I’m sure there are robotic sex toys out there as well haha I’m sure hubby will be pleased to know someone enjoys his blog, he loves knowing people are reading it.

      I don’t touch his Lego no matter where it is, I know better! haha I just bitch at him till he puts it away :P

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