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Katherine Heigl Already More Plum-Like


It’s been a few months now since it was announced that Katherine Heigl will be playing Stephanie Plum in the upcoming film One For The Money, which is the first installment in the 20 book series by Janet Evanovich.  While I am fully behind her in the role a lot of people are not convinced.  One of the things I was worried about was that they wouldn’t try to make her really look like Stephanie.  Heigl is well known for being a rather flashy, blond bombshell and Stephanie is pretty much the opposite, more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.  I hoped they would really go all out to bring the crazy bounty hunter we all love a reality, rather than forcing us to accept a modified movie-friendly version of her.

When some new photos came out recently showing Heigl’s new look for the film, I was so excited.  She is really going for it with this role and I think even when you compare the two photos above, she is already starting to look more Plum like than she ever has in the past.

I’m still eagerly awaiting the announcements in regards to who will be filling in the rest of the cast, but in the meantime this gives me even more faith that they’ve made the right decision for the lead role.  I think the movie isn’t due to come out until sometime in 2012 so the haters still have plenty of time to warm up to the idea that Heigl is going to be Stephanie Plum whether they like it or not.

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  1. Katherine Heigel is NOT Stephanie Plum. What about Marissa Tomei – she’s perfect – Stephanie has curly hair and is short and a little chunky or J Lo would also be very good. Katherine is not the right body or hair type let alone the personality. If she can pull this off, she’s a better actress than I give her credit for.

  2. Heigl is perfect for the part of Stephanie Plum

  3. Omg, I wish they would have done a movie with a character for Diesel, he is my favveeee. I do think that the casting is perfect for the movie though…

  4. I have always had Sandra Bullock in my head for the role as Stephanie as well! Katherine Heighl kind of ruins it for me honestly. Lula was a toss up between Queen Latifah and Sherri Shepard so I can live with that. I won’t count Katherine out just yet though. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she lives up to the characther in the book. But those are big shoes to fill! Stephanie is a great character.

  5. I always pictured in my mind while reading the books that Sandra Bullock was Stephanie, Jason O’Mara was Morelli, The Rock was Ranger, and Sherrie Shepard was Lula. I was so close! I’m now on book 13 and I’m trying to put Katherine in the role as Stephanie. It works but Sandra Bullock was born to play Stephanie!

  6. the books are fuckin great.

  7. Hmm… they’re not going to make ALL the books into movies are they?! Wonder how many they will do… Nevertheless, Katherine does look more like Stephanie, especially with the darker hair and average looking haircut. I’ve just picked up number 10 from the library today, I’m trying to read them in order but I’ve still missed numbers 2 and 9. Doesn’t matter too much, Evanovich always includes a recap of things in the past, but I don’t want to bounce around too much.

    • I doubt they’ll make them all into movies, there are really no series that have had that many movies made after them. I dare say if this one goes well that there will be sequels though. How many I don’t know…

  8. I guess I had better hurry up and get the first book!
    .-= Sonya´s last blog ..Faux Red Lobster Drop Biscuits!!!! =-.

    • You really should! I think you’ll love them :) I’ve not known anyone yet that has read them and not loved them!

    • first off I dont think that she can pull it off bur im hopeful,the person that i think that would’ve been perfect is the womand from weeds i feel that she would’ve been amazing as stephanie, but if the casting directors dont get anything else rite it has to be monique as lula if they dont cast her for the part the movie is a wash!!she is lula all day long!! i wont bore u with the rest of my picks im just happy that she has finally made a move to put it on the big screen.

  9. They did go all wrong with the guys–Jason O’Mara as Italian Morelli. Sherrie Shephard as Lula. OMG give me a break.

  10. I was truely disappointed in who they choose. The ROCK is perfect and so is Queen latifa!!!! Perfect for LULA..BAD BAD CHOICES! The ROCK is a perfect ranger.

  11. I Agree Queen Latifa would be perfect as Lula but I think Queen as an actress would TOTAL over shadow Katherine Heigl

  12. I agree with Latifa stealing the spotlight.

    Also, I love the choice for Ranger. I completely disagree with the ROCK. He’s too “known”. I’d have a really hard time letting go for the “the Rock” image watching him in the movie and letting him take on Ranger.

    I think they nailed it with their cast. They’ll beef him up. I never pictured Ranger as overly Tough….just big and mysterious enough that other people realized he was not one to be messed with. She mentions in one book that he looks to be her age or younger, which I think would give him a nice younger looking face. They’ll beef this guy up and I think he’ll be great!

    Give Morelli’s cast a change. He is older than stephanie and movie makeup and editing does wonders for crows feet :) Morelli I always pictured to be more of a matured “hott”. Not so much the same level of Hott as Ranger. I think the pick is gonna work!

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