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BAM! – I’ve Had Enough! – FOAD

After bitching about them and blaming things on them, I’ve decided enough was enough and it was time to stop talking and do something about it!

That is how BAM! was born.

After bitching and moaning, growling, groaning and being generally discontent over people and their stupid fucking music blaring uninvitedly out of my speakers, I have started a protest. …

… that is why this FOAD is dedicated to them!

BAM! stands for Bloggers Against Music!  Not all music, just that horrible, unexpected music that attacks you when surfing blogs.  The ones you come across that belong to some moron who assumes you want to hear whatever he or she happens to dig listening to lately.

It’s bloggers uniting to make other bloggers aware of how incredibly intrusive this is.  How much we hate it and to try to put a stop to it!!

There will be a list kept of offending musical bloggers and they will be aware of their presence on said list… and will REMAIN on the list until they ditch the music.

Join BAM! and tell all your friends!!

Bloggers with automatic music and musical videos on their blogs must FOAD and they must do so NOW.

(Hey, if you join and have any kind of l33t graphics skillz (haha dude speak) then pleeeease make some cool sidebar icons for me! kthxbye (w00t more dude speak!) )

About Tammy

A Canadian girl living in the Netherlands with her Dutch hubby. A total TV and movie junkie who enjoys crafting, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her 'new' country.

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  1. I’m down with the no music idea….this thread has motivated me to comment…good topic!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Apart from a site for a musician (the only exception I might accept), it is incredibly intrusive. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed on a site that automatically plays music – especially if it is the typically cheesy MIDI stuff many sites have. Now that I’m actively participating in blog exchange sites, these noisy sites are relegated to the ignore pile.

    Robert Irizarry
    Building The Ergonomic Guitar

  3. Oh hell yeah! Sign me up!

  4. Awesome! Finally someone else that hates the auto play music crap.

  5. YES! Sing it sister!

    Geez, first with Harley, then with your HNT plans, and now with BAM, could you get ANY cooler? LOL

  6. Oh thank god, I’m so glad it’s not just me that hates that crap!!!! Great post!

  7. Hey you guys need to sign up and join me in this fight! Click the links in the post to get the steps for signing up! The more of us that join together in this, the sooner we can banish all the stupid music blogs.

    Strength in numbers! :)

  8. Sign me up. I hate that, too. I have blogged about it before as well. It drives me crazy. If you get a button, I will put it in my sidebar, too. I will put an offenders blogroll on my blog, too, if you want me to.

  9. Wow!If uninvited music blares into my speaker, it only takes me a nanosecond to lower it and a nanosecond to up the volume once I clicked to confirmed my presense. Hardly the kind of thing that will give me a muscle ache for the effort. But really statistically would you say one out of the two blogs have music, or one out of a thousand. I must be lucky because I hardly ever encounter any. However blogs with memes…

  10. I wouldn’t say every one in two blogs has it but I see it fairly frequently. Especially when browsing on Blogmad, maybe it’s because you see the same sites again and again a lot on there, I don’t know.

    It’s not so much the music, in fact some of the songs I actually like. It’s the startle I get when it starts! Especially if I had my speakers up sort of loud for something earlier or what have you.

    Another MAJOR pet peeve is whatever video program some of these people are using to put music videos on their sidebars. One minute I’m loading a blog, the next my entire screen is black and then their music video shows up full screen!!

    I have to double click my screen to make it go away and then scroll down their sidebar to turn the damn thing off.

    In any case, once is enough to be irritating.

  11. You should extend this to blogs with scripts that cause browsers to freeze up or crash – particularly irritating if you happen to be surfing and writing a post in another tab and end up losing your new post because of a stupid sites scripts.

    You know I already have the blogroll on my site but I just wanted to let you know that I have the graphic and links up now too:


  12. How is life in the Netherlands? I am an expat too and I am now attending dutch lessons! I live close to you (in the hague)! Which part of rotterdam do you live in?

    Kay :)

  13. Hahahaaha! Good rant!
    I never have my speakers turned on.
    I do that because I am fond of playing Pogo games and I don’t like the repetative noise that comes out of the screen with certain scores or moves.
    Once in a while I see a curious video I want to look at.
    That is one time I find out how much musack is on the blog.
    The odd time someone will have musack playing then post a video and the playing music supersedes the stuff I want to hear. BAM!
    The other problem, being the no sound blogger I am is that I dont realize when someone has music playing and I try to leave the page in inadvertantly click close or backspace over and over again, not thinking that the music is slowing down the process, then zip! All pages I had up disappeared cuz it finally clicked in and then all my redundant commands of close or back go to work! BAM!
    Over the past year I learned that people with slower older computers have a real hard time with moving gifs. Their Java or Flash is not up to date and they have a hard time closing or loading my pages.
    I am not perfectly clean yet, as my frappr and my photos on my posts take quite a while to load. But I quickly learned my “coolifying” my blog with moving stuff spell disaster for most readers, so I try to keep it to a minimum. Unfortunately those who like musack like moving gifs and sparkling signs and clipart. Those with the musack are a death sentence for anyone with an old computer. They will lock out the user and the user will have to emergency shut down BAM!(cuz we all know emergency shut down means start up in safe(slow as frozen honey) mode!

  14. I figured BAM meant “Bitching And Moaning” but then read enough to realize what it really is.


  15. Hey there! One thing I do struggle with a little is the grammar, but I am lucky, I live with a dutch boyfriend and also bought a very good grammar book (from the teach yourself range).

    Because I am eu, I dont have to take that stupid burgerthing that non eu citizens have to take….

    If you need dutch lessons you can attend a british school, its a little expensive but its well worth the money and it wont be that hard for you to get to either.

    Need info, e-mail moi ;D

    Kay xxx

  16. Yes, it gives me a shock when I surf and end up at some dimwit’s rotation of the day. The only time I want to hear music on the net is when I’m logging onto musician’s pages on My Space or I’m looking for songs on their website. Keep it off the blogs. I also very rarely look at videos on blogs. I just couldn’t be bothered, especially if they have written nothing to entice me to look.

  17. If you don’t like music on blogs either don’t go to them or have your speakers turned off. It’s their blogs and they can put what they want on them. No one is begging you to go there. I think it’s disgusting that you are black listing people for their creativity. Grow up!

  18. haha awwww look like one of our offenders doesn’t like being called out for their ‘creativity’ (I actually sort of burst out in a chuckle as I typed that, as calling automatic music on a blog creative is like calling what Jack the Ripper did ‘art’)

    Oh, and way to go – using your real name / site address to back up your opinion as well! I have the utmost respect for people who aren’t afraid to stand behind what they believe :)

    New comment on your post #507 “Slightly Drunk”
    Author : Teena (IP: , CPE0013d3a5123c-CM014390040294.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
    E-mail : purple4mee2@yahoo.ca
    URI : http://purple4mee.blogspot.com

    New comment on your post #506 “BAM! – I’ve Had Enough! – FOAD”
    Author : Anti-BAM (IP: , CPE0013d3a5123c-CM014390040294.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
    E-mail : antibam@yahoo.com
    URI : http://www.antibam.com

    Smart like dump truck.

  19. Sign me up for BAM. I have posted the blogroll and linkback to your site to join BAM on three sites:

    I do not know why people put music on their blogs. It is like one of the most annoying things to do, right after a million popups and flashing banners.

  20. i was so disappointed when antibam.com didn’t turn out to be real

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