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Vinnie and Lula Cast in One For The Money (Stephanie Plum Movie)

We have a Lula!!!  This is what I have been waiting for.  We have Stephanie, Morelli, Ranger, and now Lula.  All we need now is a Grandma Mazur and we are done, the rest don’t REALLY matter.

Oh yeah, we have a Vinnie too.

So, who will be playing everyone’s favorite gun-toting, spandex wearing, ex-hooker?

Oh yeah, and Vinnie…



Wikipedia description of the character:

Lula was introduced as a minor character working as a hooker in the first book in the series, One For the Money. In Two For the Dough, she becomes Vinnie’s filing clerk and Stephanie’s sometimes partner. Stephanie refers to her as a plus-sized black woman who attempts to shove a size 16 body into size 10 spandex. According to the reader poll on Evanovich’s official site, the favored actress to portray Lula is Mo’Nique. She reappears in later books after she begins to work as a file clerk at the bail bonds office. The other file clerk quit after Vinnie attempted to sexually harass her. Lula is a poor file clerk, and frequently accompanies Stephanie when she is going after bonded clients who haven’t shown up for their court appearance (known colloquially as Failure to Appear, or FTAs). By the 11th book, Lula has worked her way up into being a full time bounty hunter and takes over for Stephanie after she quits working as a bounty hunter. Eventually Stephanie returns to the job, and Lula goes back to being the file clerk and Stephanie’s sometime partner.

It’s Sherri-Sherri Shepherd Y’all!!  Ok, so it’s not Queen Latifah as I had hoped in my movie casting wishes, or the favored Mo’Nique, but hey, I don’t think she’s too bad!  She’s got what it takes to be Lula, don’t you think?  I know like with most of the other characters there will always people who disagree because they had someone set in their minds to play them, but for the most part I think people will be ok with this.

She’s black, she’s got spunk, she definitely can be dressed up to look like an overweight whore and if that doesn’t convince you, look at this:


Dude, she’s totally gonna pop a cap in someone’s ass!  Doesn’t that have ‘Angry Lula Face’ written all over it?

She can do this, people!  I know she can!  It’s going to be hilarious, trust me.

The only concern I have is that I think a lot of people imagined Lula to be less… girly?  Sherri Shepherd may be bigger than the average gal but she’s also somewhat feminine and her voice is higher than I imagine Lula’s to be.  When I think of Lula I don’t think of big just as in overweight, but big in an intimidating way, perhaps a tad butchy with a voice that holds some real deep power.

Will Sherri Shepherd be able to make that side of Lula show through?  If not I may be eating my words about her being able to pull this off.

If you don’t know who Sherri Shepherd is, you may recognize her from being on The View.

Vinnie Plum


Wikipedia description of the character:

Vinnie is the owner of Vincent Plum’s Bail Bonds, where Stephanie is employed. He is also Stephanie’s cousin, and he can barely tolerate his employees. He’s rumored to have had a romantic relationship with a duck and is usually locked away in his office talking with his bookie; taking a snooze or having a conversation with his "Johnson".

Ok, so if I were to ask you if you knew who Patrick Fischler was, would you know?

No?  Me neither.

I’m sure you recognize him when you look at his photo though, the same as I did.  He’s one of those actors that you know from things, you always recognize his photo but if someone ever asked you who he is you’d never know.

Like that other guy, you know the blond one… in that show, with the girl.

Regardless, what I DO know from the shows I’ve seen this guy in is that he can do creepy, and really, what else do you need to do to play Vinnie?  He’s a skeezy guy who pops in now and then, it’s not rocket surgery.  He’ll be good in this role, that’s really all I have to say about it as Vinnie isn’t one of the characters I was really concerned about anyway.

You can stop banging your head now, this is where you recognize him from.

You’re welcome.

So all we have left now out of my main characters is Grandma Mazur.  This one they absolutely MUST get right or the movie may very well be ruined for me forever.

Oh yes, and a small side note.  A lesser known character has also been cast.


John Leguizamo has been cast in the role of Jimmy Alpha.

Who is Jimmy Alpha, you ask?  He’s the manager of Benito Ramirez that decides to take things into his own hands towards the end of the book.

I know this because I googled, not because I actually remembered him off the top of my head.  I read that book years ago, I don’t remember every little detail.  Sue me.

Point is, I’m not sure how big of a role this will be.  I do love me some John Leguizamo though, so I’m hoping that they beef up his character a bit so that we get to see a little more of him.

That’s it for now!  It will only be a matter of time now before we see the full cast.  I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. After Lula was introduced, I have always seen Lula as Sherri.

  2. I am so excited about the movie! I read all 17 books over the last two months. I too am concerned about the casting choices for Morelli and Grandma Mazur…neither of the actors are what I imagined the characters to be. Their choice for Moreli would make Stephanie’s choice between he and Ranger a hands down, no contest, Ranger victory!!

  3. I thought Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami would be great as Ranger, and Chris Meloni from Law & Order SVU would be GREAT as Morelli….and Mo’Nique as Lula…I just can’t picture Katherine Heigl as Stephanie…..I was thinking Kiera Knightley or maybe Kate Beckinsale…..what do ya’ll think?

  4. I found the series about 2 years ago and have read them all in order and the off shoot Plum Spooky ( I Love Diesel Character and What a Great Monkey Character!) series and I find her writing to be Funny, Witty, has suspense, great interaction between the characters, and are just one more page addicting. I always read a book thinking of who I would cast in a movie so I can picture them as I read and from the first mention of Lula I saw Sheri Shepard. She was wonderful in Less then Perfect, Great as Roberts partner in Everybody Loves Raymond and in those showed everything Lula is except the Ho. Great Casting!

  5. I see Patrick Fischler as being cast for the undertaker’s son in the later books. He has the creepy learing look better. The person playing Vinnie needs to be more perverty.

  6. Ok I love Lulu. Great selection. Grandma is perfect. Stephanie needs to Jersey up and she will be ok. Ranger good slection needs to be more tough less baby face. Morelli what where you thinking he is long in the tooth looking. Unless he has a super fine body I don’t see him working. Sorry I love the books and it will be hard to live up to them.

  7. P.S> I always thought Vinnie would be older!

  8. I’m with you, read your comments on the casting for Ranger (perfect) Jury still out on Morelli (but after seeing other pictures of him he’s growing on me-not authentic Italian, Irish but very handsome!) and I think that Sherry Shepherd will work. Lula has to have some feminine appeal! It’s funny but my Mom thought Queen Latifah would be great also. My sister in law and I have been casting this since One For the Money! Wonder who they will get for Tank? Don’t you think Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) would be perfect for Diesel?

  9. So, they have cast Connie (I’m sure you already know, but I just found out) as Ana Reeder…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? A) NOT Italian, B) NOT short and slightly rounded like Betty Boop and CERTAINLY C) NOT chesty and NOT able to be pictured with a mustache??!! Whats the DEAL?? They should have asked US!!

  10. When do you think the movie will actually open?

  11. i am so excited about this movie coming out. i have read every book in 13 months.

  12. Oh, and I love me some John Leguizamo as well. I imagine that they WILL beef up his character somewhat, because John is worth more than a minor role.

  13. I have been perplexed as to why so many fans saw the Queen as Lula but after reading your description, I get it.

    I always had Mo’nique in my mind. I think she does possess many of the manly qualities you described, but in a not-as-overtly-butch-as-Queen-Latifah kind of way.

    I agree that if a manly quality is what you’re looking for, you ain’t gonna get it in Sheri. That’s a compliment to her!

    If I had my pick today it would be Niecy Nash for the role (because I never got the manly sense that you did), but I feel that Sheri will do just fine.

    The other thing I read is that Grandma Mazur will be played by Debbie Reynolds. I don’t know anything about her, but she’s going to have to be FANTASTIC! Grandma is such a great comedic character and I always saw Cloris Leachman in the role.

    The whole thing scares me, though. This is a series that got better and better with time and I would LOVE to see the later books on the big screen. But I imagine this first installment is going to have a lower budget and with such questionable casting, this movie could mean the end of the series on the big screen. Or maybe they’ll treat it as they did The Hulk and let a few years pass, pretend they never made the first disastrous movie, and do it again.

    Well, we’ll see.

  14. The old website Fametracker used to have a section called “Hey! It’s that guy!” dedicated to actors like Patrick Fishler who you recognize, but never know their name.
    Alison´s last post ..Malls and Minivans

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