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Home Again…

As you can see, I’m back posting on my blog again.  I’ve been back from France for a little over a week and am just settling back in and getting used to life here in Rotterdam again.

Our holiday was fantastic and I will soon be bombarding you with photos of some of the things I’ve seen as well as endless jabbering about how unbelievably relaxing it was, how much fun we had with Xander’s family and how in love we both are with the south of France.

For now I am busy getting back into a routine and adjusting to some of the changes that are taking place here.

  • I have started a new diet (low carb) and put Weight Watchers aside for now.  After four months hovering at the – 50lb mark and seeing no change in spite of my best efforts, I decided I needed to try something different.  This is taking quite some research and requires a lot of reprogramming. I also have a lot to learn about food, cooking and health.  So far so good, down an additional 9.5 lbs already since being home from holiday.  Waiting for that pesky .5 to go so I can do the – 60lbs dance.
  • My husband is starting a new job today.  After four years with his previous company he has decided that it was time for a change.  He will still be doing the same work, just for a different company that pays better and is more suited to his needs.  I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that this works out well for him, that he gets along with his new manager as well as he did with his previous one and that he is happy with the change.  This means I also have to get used to being on my own again after having him working from home for a very long time. I will miss him but it will be good for us both to get back to a routine and have a chance to miss each other.
  • Along with the new company comes a new car!  Our beloved Clio was returned on Friday, which was Xander’s last day with his previous company.  For the first 2-3 months we will have a loaner from his new company, after which we will be able to choose a leased car of our choice.  What kind of loaner car will we get?  Who knows… as long as it has four wheels and we both fit in it, that’s all I care about right now.  We haven’t decided on our leased car yet either, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be looking for more than four wheels and fitting in it for that one.

For now I will leave you with a photo of one of my very favorite things from my visit to the south of France.


His name is Timo, he’s a sweet, vulnerable, adorable, kind, gentle, incredibly obedient, heart stealing Golden Retriever… and he was just a little too big for me to hide in my suitcase when I left.

I love my in-laws, and I am so glad that after all these years we have all come to appreciate each other so much and get along so well.  This makes me so incredibly happy.  It was wonderful to see them this summer and really get to spend time with everyone.  That said, I’m afraid that they are all going to have to accept the fact that I love this guy, Timo, most of all.  I can’t help it, he’s stolen my heart.  I’m sure they will understand.

About Tammy

A Canadian living in France with her Dutch hubby after 17 years in the Netherlands. A total TV and movie junkie who is never not knitting. She also enjoys other crafts, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her ‘new’ country.

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  1. Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good time. I think I would have tried to hide Timo in my suit case too.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..Parent’s Summer Visit 2010

  2. Glad you enjoyed France. It must be awesome. Timo is beautiful. Couldn’t you find somewhere to stash him in your car.
    Congrats on the wt. loss and the new diet. I am trying a new thing that I got from a Naturalist. She figures I have multiple food sensitives and put me on a special diet for 2 weeks. I have lost 14 lbs in just under 1 week and all the puffiness and swelling around my face is gone. If you want to it let me know. It’s a non-toxic diet.
    Take care, Karen

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed France and I’m looking forward to see your pictures!

    We just got back on Saturday and had a great time as well in Brittany.

    Good luck on the new diet… it kind of makes sense to me to make changes when nothing happens. Crossing fingers not just for you to lose more weight (eh, who am I to say that??) but for you to be happy with your weight, whatever it is.

  4. Aw, thanks! Love you too…….


  5. Good to see you back and glad to hear you had such a wonderful holiday. Timo does look like sth that would tempt you to steal … :D
    Good luck to your husband with his new job and to you with this new eating style (they say it’s not a “diet”…) I did low carbs some time ago and it worked for me, when I also increased my excercising routine.
    Aledys Ver´s last post ..The Light Breeze of Zeeland

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