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I’m in an Instance!

This week I’m FOADing my husband and his World of Warcraft addiction.   I am quickly reaching the end of my rope with it and I feel like a total hypocrite about it… but I don’t care.  I’m sick to death of his gaming addiction.

Being a former gamer myself it’s hard not to feel like I don’t have a lot of right to say anything about it, especially since I gamed for years before he ever started.   I had an excuse though, I was depressed, lonely and living in a foreign country.   It was my escape.

After all those years hearing men bitching about their ‘wife agro’, I have become exactly that.  I am a gamer’s wife and oh boy am I agro.

If I hear the following terms one more time I’m going to completely blow a gasket:

  • One sec I’m fighting something
  • Hang on I’m chatting with someone
  • I can’t right now, I’m in a group
  • Not right now!  I’m dying!

Oh and lets not forget my biggest favorite:

  • I can’t right now, I’m in an instance!

Then there’s the look.  The one I get when I ask him to get off the computer to do something, usually something I’ve been asking for the last 2 weeks.  It sort of looks like what you’d get in response to walking up and asking someone for a kidney… or if you farted loudly in an elevator.

Annoyance… resentment… frustration.

Today I finally finished my tree skirt and couldn’t wait to get it under the tree and get some pics.   To do so, I needed him to hold the tree up while I put the skirt over the base as I didn’t make a slit, just a hole.

You’d swear I asked him to go to the forest and chop me down a tree with a butter knife, he was so displeased with having to walk away from his game for a few minutes.

It pisses me off more than usual because Christmas is a very hard time for me.   We have no close family in the country, his family lives in the south of France and all but one of them despise me and my own family are all an ocean away.   Plus, all our friends are expats so they are either going home or going away for the holidays, leaving just Xander and I.

I’ve really been trying to make the best of it this year.  To psych myself up to really believe this was going to be a wonderful x-mas.   I finished my tree skirt and was giddy and excited about decorating.

His foul mood alone didn’t piss me off, it was the fact that he couldn’t just set it aside for a few moments so not to spoil MINE, when it’s already teetering on the edge of holiday homesickness.

Now my tree is standing crooked and nothing on it but lights and I honestly can’t be arsed to do anything more with it tonight.  I’m sure I’ll feel differently tomorrow, but then I’ll also be home alone.

So, for ruining my self-made-so-I-can-cope holiday cheer, today… my husband can fuck off and die.

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A Canadian living in France with her Dutch hubby after 17 years in the Netherlands. A total TV and movie junkie who is never not knitting. She also enjoys other crafts, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her ‘new’ country.

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  1. Hi,

    I have the perfect card to send you, if you would like one.
    You can email me through my blog if you would like one.

  2. My husband is EXACTLY the same. Seriously. However, I tend not to moan about it. (In fact, I’m more like, ‘Kill three gnomes and I’ll make the next cuppa.’ because gnomes annoy the shit out of me.) So I guess he’s lucky he has a wife who doesn’t tell him to come off the game. I’ve known couples where the wife isn’t so nice about it. There have been times when my husband has been unable to do anything with me owing to it being a ‘raid night’ but hey, I can live with that.

    Admittedly it did annoy me in the past but now it doesn’t. I’m addicted to reading and writing so I can’t exactly say much.

    I’m glad you made up. Sadly WoW can be a serious addiction. Next time, delete his character.

  3. Get him hooked on an offline game, one that he can pause and walk away from whenever. ;)

  4. Its funny how a game can take control of one person. How it seems that a video game is part of a real life situation. Everybody has their addictions. At least a video game is a safe addiction, however its when the addiction effects other people it needs to be a concern. For example, every week a bunch of us guys meet to play Ball Hockey. The guy who calls to rent the place we play at is a WoW addict. Which is fine…Sometimes he doesn’t show up because he is in a RAID and he HAS to be there…ok he would rather play the game then be social with his friends…I can live with that….but when he starts changing the times and picking the time to play ball hockey that suits him and his gaming with 20 other people wondering why he changes the time every week, its annoying. I have played massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) before and sure they are fun, but I would never in a million years say “Hey guys, I won’t be at hockey tonight because I would rather play a video game” To me its unhealthy. But like I said, everybody has their addictions, how they effect others is where the problems start.

  5. I want to see pictures!

    However, men and their *just a minute* philosophy on life makes me want to clobber them ALL.

  6. Ugh, well it’s 4am and I just got up after another night of coughing my head off.

    I feel kind of bad for writing this last night and was tempted to delete it but it was honest at the time.

    We have since made up and things are fine now. I guess it wouldn’t be x-mas without the anual x-mas tree day fight!

  7. We have a word for that kind of behavior around our house.

    He’s a poopyhead.

  8. Nice boyfriend.

    My brother plays that game as well…keeps on saying, yes in a bit, in a minute, 5 minutes I promise…and so on and so on ;)

    Don’t let him ruin x-mas for you….otherwise just tease him with Sinterklaas presents :P

  9. Girl! Have you smacked him over the head yet? hahah j/k

    Get some rest, don’t think about your crooked tree, and feel better tomorrow!

  10. We all have our moments but I will not sit here and say everything will be fine and to get over it. Take time to vent and get over your mood and something will happen to make you feel differently about being upset over it.

    Throw something if it makes you feel better, hopefully not directly at him though, LOL. Congrats on getting the tree skirt done, I bet it looks awesome! Try and stay focused on something else besides Xander right now.

    love ya

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