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Project 365 (Days 4 & 5) Food and Fire!

Project 365 (Day 4) Breakfast

Day 4 – Now that the holidays are over I’m back to my usual diet, and I’m so glad. I love all that forbidden food but it really makes me feel like crap.  I have to admit I did overdo it a bit, and ended up gaining about two kilos. Not bad in the grand scheme of things, especially since I know most of it is just bloating.  I am intolerant to wheat and if I eat it I end up like the Michelin Man, so the few pieces of cake and cookies I ate over the last two weeks have taken their toll.  I’ve already lost 1 kilo of it in the last few days so I’m not really worried.  Soon I will be back to my early December weight and heading steadily towards my next goal!

Part of my routine is oatmeal and since I don’t eat sugar, I dress my oatmeal up with fruit to make it less like tasteless snot and more like a delicious breakfast treat!

Project 365 (Day 5) Glued to the News

Day 5 – For the past few hours my husband and I have been glued to the TV, keeping a close eye on the news regarding a huge fire taking place just south of Rotterdam.  A chemical storage company caught fire and exploded causing a large amount of damage and smoke.  The smoke has been heading north and there has been a lot of concern about the chemicals in the air.  We were on high alert for a while, waiting to hear the city sirens going off to tell us to stay indoors, but from what I’m hearing we are in the clear and there is nothing in the air that is harmful to humans.  I think we’ll be staying indoors tonight anyway. just to be sure!

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  1. “Chemicaliën giftig en bijtend” — yay, I totally understand Dutch! :-)
    (But considering it’s basically the same in German: probably not that impressive after all …)
    Lorelei´s last post ..Hipstamatic 2010

  2. I always knew I would get my super hero powers through a science/chemical spill related accident. Since I have to walk home from the train station in a bit maybe today is the day. Or maybe the chemicals in the air will creat zombies. Or maybe the air just smells a bit funny.

    Or maybe I just watch too much television.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..2011 Bloggies Nomination Round

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