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30 Days of Truth: Day 9


One person I never wanted to lose touch with but somehow did was a friend of mine who used to live here in NL.  I met her years ago when she was living here with her husband, she was really new here and she hated it with a passion.  Her husband was only here on a two year contract and I hoped that she’d come around and they’d decide to stay when the two years was up, but I wasn’t so lucky.

We got to be quite good friends over those two years, so I was heartbroken when her family left to go back to the UK.  We did keep in touch in the beginning when she went back but eventually it tapered off.  She went through a rough period after their return, she had a second pregnancy and I believe her son was ill, and then her father died.  She was really down and difficult to get a hold of.

After a while I got tired of contacting her with no responses, even though I’ll still send a message out through Facebook just in case.  Perhaps we’ll pick up contact again someday but probably not.

That’s expat life… people come and go and sometimes you lose touch.  It’s one of my least favorite bits… it gets difficult having friends leave all the time.  I’ve decided that none of my current friends are ever allowed to leave.  I’ve not told them yet but I’m sure they’ll understand.

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