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Fun with Faela

Last night our friends Paule and Warnoud came over with their daughter Faela.  You may have heard me mention Faela a few times.  Cutie patootie that can talk the hind leg off a mule?  Ring a bell?  I am so completely enamored with this child, I almost pushed her parents out the door and kept her all to myself.  I was just worried that Warnoud might refuse to ever make his creme brulee for us again, so I reluctantly let them take her.

One thing I love about Faela is that she allows me to take her photo and doesn’t shy away.  Photos have become a common theme in our visits lately as she has started enjoying taking them as much as being in them.  I especially loved how when she’d see a camera, she’d stop dead, smile and look pretty.

Oh those were the days…

You have no idea how much I went through to get this adorable photo of her last night.

Fun With Faela

Sweet, isn’t she?

As I said, a lot of work went into getting that photo, because before there was that, there was this.

Fun With Faela

The Melty Face.

Fun With Faela

and this… The Silent Scream.

Fun With Faela

The Cheek Squasher.

Fun With Faela

The “Eye Spy”.

Fun With Faela

The Wacky Winker…

Oh and my most favorite of all…

Fun With Faela


The only way I could get her to smile or do any pretty photos was with the promise of first taking as many wacky photos of her as I could.  I even tried to get a cute one of us together, some came out blurry because I couldn’t stop laughing.

OK Faela, now show us your mad face! I say to her…

Fun With Faela

Well done!

Fun With Faela

If you can’t beat them, join them, right??

Ok, now a normal one, smile pretty!

Fun With Faela

Yeah right, dream on!  MAGIC HANDS!!!

Oh Faela, I love you so, you crazy crazy girl!

P.S. I also love her parents, just in case they were feeling left out!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute!
    kara´s last post ..Snow Hill Adventures

  2. Haha good job you added that last sentence or there would be no more creme brulee for you!
    The offer still stands. You can borrow her for a couple of weeks :)

    • Yes but you guys KNOW I love you and you don’t let me take crazy weird photos of you :P If you did I might make raving posts about you too! haha

  3. She is absolutely adorable!!!
    Candee´s last post ..Marvel Madness

  4. Oh kids are always adorable when they are going around. One of the things I look forward to during weekends is going home to Zeeland and play with the children of my husband’s sister. They love pestering you to show their toys or play with them and it’s so hard to say no.
    The Weekend traveller´s last post ..Weekend Destinations- Stavelot- Coo and Spa

    • Yeah, I noticed that with Faela this weekend too, I’m pretty sure she could have asked me for anything and I would have said yes!

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