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Do You Lie Clittojayl?

Today while I was getting my nails done Ellen showed me this video.  I laughed my ass off as I was watching it and asked her to send me the url so I could share it on my blog.

I think she asked me if I liked glitter gel about 10 times, causing us both to go into convulsions laughing.

If any of you have ever gone to one of the Asian Nail Farms, as I call them, you’ll understand why this is so damn funny.


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  1. I watched this vid TWICE it’s so funny! Because it’s true! (Anywhere you go, there are Asian Nail Farms. It’s like the ubiquitous Chinese restaurant or Irish pub.)
    Gail at Large´s last post ..Hearts Everywhere

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! That was freaking hilarious and SO damn true!

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