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30 Days of Truth: Day 23


I wish that I had been smart enough to take advantage of growing up in a house with a man who spent his entire life playing the guitar.


Music and playing the guitar are my father’s biggest passions in life.  I grew up watching him playing in bands and teaching the boys in the neighbourhood to play the guitar.


He also taught my cousin Leanne, who I love even though she’s sweet and gorgeous and can sing really well.

… and is gorgeous.

… and has a gorgeous baby.

… and can play the guitar when I can’t.


I know he would have loved to teach me, and he did try once many years ago.

I was about 16 and was all “What do you mean I have to cut my nails?!”

I did agree to cut them, but then I was all like “OW, my fingertips hurt!”

That’s when he realized I was (am) a giant whineypants and gave up.

Why? WHY did I not take the time to learn this while I had the chance?  People all over the world pay a lot of money to have someone teach them to play the guitar, and I had a teacher living with me for 21 years.  I’m pretty sure if I knew how to play the guitar I could accompany myself and the people would recognize my talent.

Maybe when I am home next I’ll get him to teach me, it’s not like he’s gone anywhere and he is still playing and teaching the guitar.

Then again, I’d have to cut my nails, so uhhh… maybe I’ll just learn to play the harmonica instead. Anyone know how to play that?

Come to think of it, I did play a mean triangle in elementary school.  I could probably pick that up again…

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  1. I have zero musical talent, but I did dream a while back that I was taking cello lessons!
    kara´s last post ..Hat!

  2. I think YOU ROCK either way, Tammy!!!

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