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30 Days of Truth: Day 27


Project 365 (Day 46) Emergency Surgery


Seriously, if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you are all too aware of my cardiac arrest this evening when my laptop died on me.  I got up from a nap and realized it was really slow so I decided to reboot it.  When it came time to start back up, nothing happened.


I got my husband to do his magic cord pulling and button pressing maneuvers but nothing worked.  That’s when the panic really set in.

While he was messing around with that I got on my phone and started Googling the model number and “won’t start” … I found lots of posts.  That didn’t bode well…  in the end I found this one post where a guy said how he took the laptop apart, removed the video card and used a hair dryer for four minutes (very specific) on this one certain chip.

My husband was like, ummm… I’m not so sure about that.

After watching the video numerous times, and having exhausted all of his magic button pushing, he decided he had nothing to lose.  He took the laptop apart, got out the hair dryer and we both crossed our fingers.

Wouldn’t ya know it, the damn thing started right up!  We couldn’t believe it!!

He suspects that there was something soldered that had come lose and the heat somehow reconnected it.  That sounds feasible.  Whatever it is, I’m sooo glad it’s working again because we really aren’t in position to buy a new one at the moment, and just the thought of going without a laptop gives me the shakes.

Literally… the shakes.

So that is that is the best thing that is going for me at the moment.  My laptop is going and it damn well better keep going or I just may lose the few marbles I have left!

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  1. I saw the panic and I know your pain too well. I’ve been victim of the failing laptop/computer too many times. Sometimes I have been able to save it, sometimes I have not.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..The Beard Truth

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