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So, About That Spring Thing…

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I took photos of a beautiful sunset seen from our back balcony?  How did we go from that, with all it’s springy hopefulness, to this?

The Snow Returns!

Yeah, that’s snow.

In Rotterdam…

It’s almost March, for pity sake!

The Snow Returns!

Not that it stops the neighbourhood children from playing outside.  Oh, to be a kid again when nothing gets between you and the outdoors!

I’ll stay inside where it’s warm and cozy, thanks!

The Snow Returns!

Yup, definitely snow…

Nothing came of it though, as I write this the snow has stopped and you’d never even know it was here.

Project 365 (Day 53) Doesn't Say Spring To Me

This made me sad.  I remember when the most beautiful red flowers grew in this basket.  I also remember yesterday when it was sunny and bright.  This?  It doesn’t say spring to me at all!

I’m over snow.  I know I’ll probably get excited next winter but for this year, my infatuation with the white stuff is over.

I want flowers, sunshine and leaves on the trees… NOW, dammit!

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  1. Yep. It was nice when spring was on the way… Oh well… Maybe I will get to build some more snowmen.

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