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Trying Something New – Yum Yum Dim Sum!

For a while now my friend Barbara has been trying to lure me into her favorite Chinese restaurant to try Dim Sum.  She had already introduced me to the world of sushi, and when she heard I had never tried Dim Sum either, she was a woman on a mission.

Today we finally got together for lunch so I could see what all the hype was about.

Tai Wu Rotterdam

Tai Wu was pretty much what you expect a Chinese restaurant to look like.  Red, dragony things, gold, chopsticks etc.  One thing I hadn’t noticed until Barb pointed it out was that we were they only crackers in the place!  You know a Chinese restaurant is good when most of the people eating there are Chinese.  I mean, they should know their shit when it comes to Chinese food, right?  It’s like Canadians and donuts.

First Dim Sum.

Anyhow, we ordered a few different dishes… and I wish I’d remembered to get my camera out to take photos of each and every one, but I was too busy stuffing my face.  Sorry, no photos of that either this time.  I did manage to get this one after Barbara inquired if I wanted to get a photo of the food before it’s all gone.

She totally had my back, because I’d have had to order all over again if I didn’t get ANY photos. Although I probably could have gone to someone else’s table and taken photos of their food but that might be a bit creepy.

Don’t even ask me what the stuff is called, because all the writing on the menu is in Chinese.  There are photos and in the corner there’s a little photo of a cow, a pig, a shrimp or a chicken.  Beyond that you just try to take what looks good.

This thing in the bottom of the photo was supposed to be pork, but it totally had shrimp in it.  Good thing we weren’t allergic!

Chinese Tea

To drink we had Chinese tea.  Which, if I’m honest, tasted like normal tea.  Don’t go by what I say though because unless it’s something fruity, all tea tastes the same to me.  A lot of my friends go bananas over all these different kinds of tea.  I don’t get it.  I’m the last person you ever want on your team for a tea tasting contest.  Thankfully none of my friends ever have those.

So, what did I think of my first Dim Sum experience?  The company was awesome, as usual.  The restaurant itself has a nice atmosphere, friendly staff and the food was really good.  The most surprising part is that it wasn’t even that expensive.  I was expecting it to come out more than it was, so it was a very pleasant surprise!

I’ll definitely try it again, and drag my husband with me.  He loves that kind of thing!  I think if he wasn’t sick and completely nauseated at the thought of food today, he’d be quite jealous that I went without him!

If you have a hankering for Chinese food, you should check this place out.  It’s about a block from the Pathe in the city center, a very short walk from central station, so even handy if you have friends coming from out of town.  Judging by the amount of people there at 2pm on a Friday afternoon… I’d make a reservation if you plan on going in the evening.  I get the feeling they get REALLY busy.

P.s. My favorite were the steamed dumplings with sweet pork inside thingies.  Pretty sure that’s what they were called.  So damn good.

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  1. The spring rolls look more Vietnamese than Chinese ;-)

    Chinese tea is just jasmine tea most of the time, or plain green tea. It’s not “English” tea basically.

    I love dim sum and it’s always a mystery which one is which!
    Zhu´s last post ..Human Beans

  2. DAGNAMMIT !!!…..Now I am hungry.

  3. Looooove. Dim Sum.

    Looooove. Sticky Rice.

  4. I love Asian food especially Dim Sum and Sushi. My mouth is just watering thinking about it and looking at your pictures! Going to have to make some this weekend!!
    Candee´s last post ..Red Bull Crashed Ice in Valkenburg

    • You should come in someday and we can go out for sushi :) The place Barbara took me that time was pretty good! Do you have any days off soon where you can get away for the day?

  5. Barbara Stoutjesdijk-Lyddane

    and dim sum on the weekends is booked solid! you MUST have a reservation :)

  6. Barbara Stoutjesdijk-Lyddane

    When Xander is up for it — on to African food we go!
    You have to eat with your hands though.. for the full experience :)

  7. The steamed pork thingies are called bao. They’re really good when they’re fresh and hot.

    Dim sum is fantastic and generally very cheap no matter where you get it. It’s a carb-loading experience, though, so I don’t indulge too too often. But it’s fun to just point at things that look interesting when they bring the carts by (though some places you just order off the menu, I prefer the rolling cart approach for the sheer randomness of it!).

    • Yeah I was thinking about the carb thing as I was eating them. I’ve allowed myself to step outside of my diet at the moment as it’s a bit much to take on together with the fertility treatments. It’s definitely showing on the scale though :/ Dim sum won’t be something I’ll indulge in regularly. I’ll definitely have it again though.

      I don’t know if they have the rolling card places here…

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