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Xander’s Robot Love Mug

I wasn’t sure what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day, but when my friend Barbara asked if I wanted to go paint ceramics again I decided it was a good opportunity to make him something!

It wasn’t hard to figure out what to do, as my husband really loves robots. I found a robot design that I thought was really cute!  It was already Feb 10th by that time and we wouldn’t be able to pick it up for two weeks but I knew that Xander wasn’t fussy like that.  He wouldn’t mind waiting a bit!

Ceramic Painting With Friends

Thank god the pencil disappears during the baking process.  What a mess I’d made!

We had a really good time that afternoon.  I had been there once before but it was our friend Vinita’s first time.

Ceramic Painting With Friends

While Barb and I dug into our projects the lady who owns the shop (on the right) gave Vinita a few tips and showed her the ropes.  That lady is so friendly and what an awesome thing she gets to do every day!

Ceramic Painting With Friends

Unfortunately Barbara had to remake a project she’d done previously.  Before Christmas she’d painted a cute little dragon for her son, but it broke while it was being baked.  So the lady gave her another one for free so she could remake it.  These things happen…  I’d have cried if my robot love mug had broken though!

Yesterday when we were out for Dim Sum she brought me the mug, as she’d gone to pick up all the projects earlier.  I didn’t even realize that the two weeks had gone by that fast, but was pleased to finally get my hands on Xander’s Valentine’s gift!  He was sick yesterday and I was hoping it’d make him feel a bit better.  Gifts usually do that for me!

Project 365 (Day 55) Robot Love

He loves it!  When I got home and gave it to him he ooh’d and aaaah’d over it while I stood there pleased as punch, all tickled like a six year old who just gave her dad his first wonky clay ashtray!

He went straight to the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee to drink out of it.  I’m glad I made the smaller snob coffee sized mug, because he drinks that wretched espresso and it only requires a small cup anyway.

I already have ideas for what I’m going to make on my next trip!  I’ll keep ya posted!

If you want to paint some ceramics yourself, have a look here for a Color Me Mine location near you!

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  1. tammy, what does it cost to do something like the mug? looks like so much fun!
    tera´s last post ..Home Movies

    • It cost me 17 euro for the mug. That’s for going to the place, buying the mug, using her paints and having it baked and glazed. Not bad considering you get an afternoon of entertainment out of it as well :)

  2. Judging by all the robots I saw it is the perfect mug :)
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..The Gallery Of Beards

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