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Adventures at the Dog Park: Jack & Russell

We are still taking Pixel and Bailey to the dog park pretty regularly.  Pixel is never a problem but we continue to be somewhat anxious when it comes to Bailey and his aggressive attitude towards other male dogs.

You can imagine how worried we were the first time these two entered the park.

Jack Russell

They are brothers and their names are Jack & Russell. Yes, Jack Russell.  NOT what I was expecting the day I was standing in the back of the field and someone said “Oh here comes Jack Russell!”  Not what I was expecting at all!

First, they are both male.

Second, they are both huge.

Third, being male and huge, I was pretty sure this was going to be the day Bailey got his ass kicked.

It turned out to be quite the contrary though. These two dogs can’t be bothered with anyone but each other.  They are constantly trying to outdo each other with the sticks, and if the two of them get their mouth on the same stick, there’s no getting them apart.

No seriously, we’ve walked all the way home with the guy and they were both walking all crooked trying to hold onto the same stick.

Here’s the weird thing… Bailey LOVES these dogs.  If they come near him he doesn’t do his usual growling and snarling, when they run he wants to run too.  He thinks they are the bees knees.

Only one problem though, there’s no way he’s keeping up with them.

He knows it too.  He legs it trying to keep up with them, then just just gets frustrated and barks.  He’s like the little brother or the younger cousin who wants to play with the big kids but gets left behind every time.

It doesn’t stop him from trying again the next time though, and he’s starting to get clever with his shortcuts.  I’m not sure what he’d do if he ever caught one of them but judging by how quick he gets out of dodge when they stop, I’m not too worried!

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  1. Do you know of a website that has Dutch dog parks? Purmerend doesn’t have one, but I am hoping somewhere near by might.
    Your pups are adorable!
    April´s last post ..Queens Day 2011

  2. Monica Van Maanen

    Definitely a good source of exercise!

  3. That’s so cute :D
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..How It All Began

  4. I bet Bailey took a nice loooong nap when he got home! I can’t believe how long those dogs held on to that stick! LOL
    Sonya´s last post ..Sundays In My City

  5. Oh, they’re adorable! Pippo would have so much fun there playing with them. He loves sticks, too. Bailey’s little tail wiggle was so cute! He does a pretty good job keeping up with them!
    Alison´s last post ..Peanut Butter Truffles

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