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Easy Order, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Also… why did you just come along when I won’t be needing you for very long?

Daily Shoot #557 - Horizontal Lines

I admit it, tonight I ate at McDonald’s.  I know I just moaned the other day about my weight but I did say that it might not be today that I sort my shit out.

One thing I have to say, when you don’t eat McDonald’s very often, it tastes pretty damn good.

Anyway that’s not why I’m writing this.  When I walked in I saw these things…

Project 365 (Day 144) Easy Order

Wtf?? How long have they been there?  I know I didn’t eat McDonald’s for almost a year but jeez… it’s the coolest thing ever!  Xander and I went to this little console and put our bank card in.  We then used the touch screen to place our order and paid for it.

This is no lie… by the time we turned around and walked the five steps to the counter, the order was on a tray and waiting for us!

OMG!!!  No more waiting in line!  At dinner rush hour we had our food within approximately three minutes of walking through the door.

Of course, it’s probably the last time I will have McDonalds for a very, very, very long time, so I won’t be able to make the best of it, but I did get to experience it this once.  Xander and I (being the geeks that we are) were in wholehearted agreement that it is, indeed, the best thing since sliced bread. 

So, I’m curious… is the Netherlands ahead or behind the times with this thing?  Are these consoles already old news back in North America or are we actually ahead of the game on this one?

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  1. Wow this is so cool, and the first i have ever seen, I would love to see these machines in our mickey d’s and also in our timmies, would be so much quicker. Sort of loses the person to person thing though. But still cool.
    Melissa D
    Melissa D´s last post ..My first scavenger hunt

  2. I forgot they had those. I used one a couple of years ago I believe in AMersfoort. So they have been around at least 2 years. None of ours here up north have one though. But we are always behind…..

  3. We don’t have them here in the boondocks, Tennessee.

    But then again we are never on the “cutting edge” of technology.

  4. Your Gettin Girlie website won’t let me comment for some reason, so I’m doing it here…sorry!
    Thank you for the Newsprint polish post! I did this on my dds nails and it was all the rage at her junior high. And as you’re aware, the cooler you are at 14 the better! I notice you have a number of Essence polishes? Are they a more “European” brand? As you’re aware, PEI isn’t exactly the hotbed of fashion, but Halifax has a Sephora coming this fall, thank heavens!!

  5. Two things when sprang to mind when I read this:

    1) They need the machines to make Dutch fast food service actually fast


    2) OMG! This is how it starts! The machines are taking over. Skynet is working in McDonald’s!

  6. Never seen that anywhere else, including Canada! In China, you can have your McDonalds meal delivered though.

  7. We don’t have these in Belgium yet. Although in Belgium, it’s surprising they have Mcdonalds at all.
    I can’t say I like this much though…it eliminates jobs.
    calliope´s last post ..Countdown to 30- Made to Last

  8. Hi Breigh! Just wanted to let you know I’ve been reading here since a couple of days, I love your look on Dutch stuff. We live in Amsterdam and have a daughter (via icsi) who will be 3 in October. And we love North America: we’ll be exchanging our home again this summer to spend 6 weeks in NY and Toronto.

    Of course I had to reply on this particular post: I’m always excited about self checkout things at the movie theater, Albert Heijn, Ikea and now McDonalds. I wish I could remember where we had our computer-ordered-cheeseburger a while ago, but my memory is eh… I can’t remember.
    Vita´s last post ..864 dagen

  9. I first discovered this easy order system at the McDonald’s in Paris that is underneath the Louvre. I thought it was so dang cool! And now they have them here! yay! Haven’t heard about the states, but when I head back in a few weeks, I’ll be on the lookout. NOT that McDonald’s is one of the restaurants I’m missing from home! But I’m also curious if they have the super wonderful Rolo McFlurry or if that is a regional thing over here.

  10. No clue! I haven’t been in the one in Whitehorse for about a year too, but when we were in town last, I see it is closed for renos. Maybe we will be getting them too.

    And after six days of phase 1, Matt left town and I binged hardcore on cookies.

    I suck turkey balls.
    kara´s last post ..Headbands and Bracelets

    • Not only did I have McDonald’s, but I had Maltesers and Ketchup Chips for breakfast. Jesus Kara, what are we gonna do with ourselves?!

      • Tammy I am blowing it big time. Today- a box of smarties, three sandwiches (hello no wheat for me!!! ack!), three helpings of my healthy butternut squash soup….. I know it is healthy, but come on, I don’t need three servings. I just cannot seem to get my shit together.

        How about you and I pay someone to strand us on a deserted island for a couple of years. That should slim us right down! ahahahah

        kara´s last post ..Headbands and Bracelets

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