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Petting Giraffes at Dierenpark Amersfoort = AWESOME!

I’m baaaack!  Actually I’ve been back for almost two weeks, but I’ve either been busy, didn’t feel like writing or was having issues with my host.  Anyway, I’m here now and that’s what counts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the our time in France yet because I made a deal with myself that I’d catch up on all the photos from other adventures before I even started them. Argh, it hurts!  I’m so itching to share all of the cool places we saw and things we did!

The first set of photos I promised that I’d work on were from my trip to Dierenpark Amersfoort back in June.  A friend of mine had split up with her boyfriend and was returning to the US, so she wanted to get together and do something really cool together before she left us.  She has a friend who works at the Zoo in Amersfoort and said that she’d mentioned she could take her behind the scenes to pet and feed giraffes and was wondering if we’d be interested in doing that.

HELL YEAH I was interested!

So one day three of us got together with the girl who worked at the zoo and had the most awesome day.  Not only did she take us ‘backstage’ to see the giraffes, but she also spent the entire day with us showing us around the zoo and giving us info on all the different animals.  It was fantastic!!

Here’s the photos!

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You can also view the photos here on the Flickr set.

We had such an amazing day that day.  It really was so much fun and such a nice way to say goodbye to a good friend.
If you are interested in visiting zoos in the Netherlands, I recommend this zoo wholeheartedly.  I’ve been to three zoos here in the Netherlands (this one, Blijdorp in Rotterdam and Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem) and I think this may be my favorite. Not because it’s the largest or has the most animals but as someone who enjoys taking photos, the enclosures were great.  Many of them had just glass separating you from the animals, which gave you the ability to get up quite close, which you can’t do at a lot of zoos.

Hopefully you’ll have more luck getting that white tiger than I did, he was quite elusive… but, it gives me a great reason to visit again someday!


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  1. You got to feed a giraffe! That is the most awesome thing ever! I am dead jealous.

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