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Legoworld 2011

My husband is a serious Lego Junkie.  He and his friends are really involved in the robotics side of Lego and over the years he’s become increasingly busy with it.  The biggest event of the year for them is Legoworld in Zwolle.  He goes there each year for almost a week where he and the other Mindstorms guys put on a big display to show the visitors the robots they designed and teach them about what can be done with the Lego Mindstorm (and other related) products.

Last year I was in Canada while he was there, so I decided that this year I would pop by and see what it was all about.  Well, pop by may not be the proper term seeing as it was a 2.5 hour trip to get there, but I went to visit nonetheless.

Legoworld 2011Legoworld 2011
That’ ^^^ my hubby up there ^^^ !

Legoworld 2011Legoworld 2011Legoworld 2011
Legoworld 2011
You can see all of the photos here on the Flickr set!

It was very cool, I must admit… very busy, but cool.  I can see why my husband is so tired when he comes home after his time there!

If you have a kid, I’d definitely recommend visiting Legoworld some year, it’s like a children’s paradise in there!  I think a lot of the parents enjoyed it just as much as the children did, if I’m honest.

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  1. Lego business is puzzling for my simple mind. How can somebody building such an extravagant display using such simple pieces.

    Salute to your hubby!

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