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KreaDoe 2011

KreaDoe 2011
This weekend I went to a giant craft fair with my two friends Penny and Genevieve. It’s a yearly fair that takes place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and you can find supplies and workshops for pretty much any craft you can think of.  Of course, I had my trusty little point and shoot along with me!

KreaDoe 2011KreaDoe 2011KreaDoe 2011KreaDoe 2011KreaDoe 2011KreaDoe 2011KreaDoe 2011
If you were looking for stamps, this was the place for you!  I’m pretty sure I saw about four million of them. There was a lot of stuff for card making and scrapbooking as well, with quilting and other crafts thrown in the mix.

I found that after going through about half of the place I started getting a feeling of seeing the same things again and again.  As I was walking I was thinking “Oh yay, more stamps” or “Bleh, more card paper”.  Granted, I’m not into stamping or making my own cards so perhaps for those that are, it’d be heaven! Just, most of these stands had all the same things.  It was worth it for the odd stand that did have something different, like the guy with the plastic candle things that ran on vegetable oil (that I STILL wish I had bought), or a man from the UK that had really awesome cross stitch patterns (again, wish I had bought one).

It’s definitely worth the visit, and if you can afford it I’d suggest doing some of the workshops.  We went just to look around and check the place out, and we had a really good time. I think next year I will visit again but I will sign myself up for one or two workshops ahead of time, I saw some really cool stuff going on there.

Afterwards we went into the city center of Utrecht and had some food and did a bit of shopping.  All in all a really fun day out with some really great gals!

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  1. I think my mum would have a field day there. We would never get her out.
    Citizen_Stu´s last post ..Speculoos Smuggler

  2. We have some of those candles, they’re pretty cool =)
    mub´s last post ..On the road again…

  3. I was at the Jaarbeurs on Saturday too! Although it was for the mental jonge gezinnen beurs. Never again! So many mothers and babies and prams! Oh god, the prams!

    Next time I’ll go to the craft beurs too, I think….
    MissNeriss´s last post ..The Expat List

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