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Lac d’Estaing

The second day that we were in the Pyrenees we went to the end of the Estaing valley to check out the lake. Apparently it’s a pretty popular area for hikers and it was not far from our campground so we thought we’d start the day off there.  It was breathtaking!

Lac d'EstaingLac d'EstaingLac d'EstaingLac d'EstaingLac d'EstaingLac d'EstaingLac d'EstaingLac d'Estaing
I so wanted to go on a trail ride as it’s been years since I’ve been on horseback, which used to be pretty much my entire life when I was in Canada.  Xander didn’t want to though, and I didn’t want to go by myself, so it didn’t happen.

The area around the lake was just lovely.  The road that our campground was on pretty much ends at the lake and the scenery was great.  We were going to take a walk around the lake but when we stopped to get an ice cream at the restaurant I noticed a postcard with a really beautiful waterfall on it.  I asked the guy who was working there where the waterfall was and his answer was “If you just go to the very end of the road, it’s a short walk from there”, so we decided to do that instead.

What an adventure that turned out to be… but that’s a story for another time!

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  1. Is Xander afraid of horses? Guido is afraid of them- almost like a phobia. Very weird…

  2. Wow! Great photos, and you look fantastic as well!

  3. Amazing scenery and the pones are so cute…
    Andddd I’ll just be handing in my man card now after saying that.
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  4. aaah..beautiful photos! I want to go on vacation with you two!:)
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