Hey, There’s a Waterfall!

Breigh November 30, 2011 1

The day after our search for the waterfall in the Estaing valley, we were driving through the mountains and randomly found a waterfall along the side of the road.  We pulled over so that we could get out and have a look at it and take some photos, figuring it would take away some of the sting of disappointment from the day before.

It was pretty long and had a few turns so it was impossible for me to get the entire thing in a photo, but from the road it was a really beautiful sight.  It went quite high up the side of the mountain and there was a fenced walkway that allowed you to climb up to the top.

It was so peaceful there, if there had been a bench I think I would have sat watching the waterfall for ages.  We stayed and looked around for a while and then hopped in the car and headed off to the Pic du Midi, which was our destination for the day.  I will be working on the photos from there next, but I can tell you it was amazing!  It was actually the reason we chose to go to the Pyrenees in the first place, because I was really eager to visit that one particular spot.  The rest was just a bonus.  Will report back on that visit soon!

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  1. Citizen_Stu December 2, 2011 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    I think this water fall was mocking you for your struggles the day before

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