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You Know is Bad if You Cry at the Trailers!

I’m a weepy weeper at the best of times, and I am too lazy to look back through my posts and find all the ridiculous moments where I have unnecessarily busted into tears in the past, but be sure, there are many.

Movies and TV are no exception, I cry for everything.  I cry during romantic comedies, I cry when people achieve greatness, I cry when someone crosses a finish line or fails to do so, I cry when the wind blows…

I don’t know if it’s my emotional state with my recent weight gain or perhaps my anxiety with my upcoming surgery, but MAN, it’s worse than ever!

On Christmas Day Xander and I got up and went to see the 9:30am showing of New Year’s Eve, which we loved… but I was already a mess of tears before the dang movie even started!  I cried through every single one of the trailers. No lie.  I was really starting to question my sanity by the time the movie started.  Watch these and let me know if you tear up at all.

[youtube id=”QhueHIXbTF4″ width=”600″ height=”350″] [youtube id=”fwavA7RIVpQ” width=”600″ height=”350″] [youtube id=”COpvJjDSmYk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

I didn’t even re-watch them because I know if I do I’ll be a blubbering idiot again.

I so want to see these movies, and at the same time I really really don’t, because I know what will happen. I’ll be sitting in the theater trying to inconspicuously wipe my eyes and letting my nose dribble past the point of no return for fear of giving that loud “HEY EVERYONE, I’M CRYING LIKE A NUTCASE!” sniff.

I’m not just trying to be funny here, I really do wonder if I am on Insano Island all on my own here, or if they really are doing something different lately with the trailers in order to trigger a more emotional response.  Do any of you feel this as well?

This is probably one of those times where I’d be happy to just let you amuse me by agreeing with me regardless.

Maybe I’ll just watch them at home, where I’m free to wail and wipe my nose on my sleeve in peace.

P.S. I also cried the entire way through the New Year’s Eve movie…

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  1. Okay, I didn’t cry, but I try not to cry during movies or shows, I prefer to keep my mind light as I do agree that life is tragic enough without made up stories. After I moved here, I was really bad when watching Brothers and Sisters. I’m sad it’s cancelled. And sometimes Parenthood leaves me choking up. Something about the big families and me not having mine nearby. ;)

    I went to see Marley and Me with my mom and sister. I think we all tried so hard not to cry at the theatre. My aunt wanted me to watch it, one time, without knowing I already did. I wandered off before the movie ended, I couldn’t see that, again!

  2. I am terrible as well. I know it is not very manly of me to admit but the big emotinal happy endings always get me. Mr Maorium’s Wonder Emporium got me this week… And I’d already seen that movie.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..Happy Christmas 2011

  3. I cry every time I see the trailer of war horse and do not intend to ever watch the movie or any other sad movie with an animal as the lead story line. I cry on the way home from the theatre and even the next day just thinking about it.

    margo on vancouver island

  4. I cried at the whale one. Damn Drew Barrymore and her-whale saving heroics. I’m the opposite, if it makes me cry at the trailer, I suddenly HAVE to see it in theaters. It’s like a challenge!

  5. No way do I ever go to see or watch at home any of these ’emotional’ movies. I don’t want to cry because of something made up. Life is bad enough. Uh uh, no way. It’s not you, it’s the tearjerker mentality. Some people like it but I’m not one. All action all the way! Or drama.

  6. OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!! I WATCHED THE TRAILER FOR WAR HORSE!!! No way I’m going to the cinema for that!!!!
    Renée (@pinkypie)´s last post ..The Last Foodie Friday of 2011

  7. You too huh. I busted out into tears on Boxing Day watching the trailer for the Dutch movie about the girl with Cancer. :( Last night we were watching some Crime Discovery show and I started crying when the brother of a victim was talking and getting emotional and angry. I feel like a hot mess most of the time!!

    (I cried in the theatre at Toy Story 3. Seriously you can not take me anywhere!)
    Renée (@pinkypie)´s last post ..The Last Foodie Friday of 2011

  8. Reminds me of when I went to see Love, Actually in the theater. I cried the whole damn time, although I think some of that was just monthly hormones.

    On the other hand, I saw only about 30 seconds of trailer-type footage of War Horse yesterday and could already feel myself tearing up. There’s no way in hell I will watch that movie. I can’t watch any animal film. Even the animated ones are touch-and-go.
    Alison´s last post ..War Zone or Celebration?

    • I’m really bad about animals as well. They can kill humans for the full two hours and I’m ok but a dog or a horse? Forget it, I’m out of there!! I found it really hard to get through the TV show Game of Thrones because of all the horse cruelty. I know it’s not real but still!

  9. So we went to see the new Twilight movie, and I got all teary at the preview for The Help. I think I am your equal in sappiness!

    • How did you like the Twilight movie? I am reading The Help now and I REALLY like it. I’m itching to watch the movie so I can find out what happens quicker. I’m literally having to stop myself from downloading it so that I can finish the book first.

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