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WTH Facebook?! W.T.H?!

I thought I was imagining things. Then I thought that my phone just took really crappy photos… but that’s not the case. Facebook is killing my mobile photos and I want to know why!

I have a HTC Desire and other than a few small things (like the constant messages about running out of internal storage) I can’t complain.  I don’t do as much with it as a lot of people, I rarely phone but I do msg people and upload photos to Facebook and all the usual stuff.

Just the other day I had uploaded a photo and was thinking what shitty photos my phone takes, but then I took a photo at sunset today and on my phone it looked nice and colorful, but when I uploaded it to Facebook it was completely dull. What the heck is going on?!

I decided to hold up my camera to the photo on my laptop screen and take a photo with my point and shoot camera.  See the difference?  I took the photo in the first place because when I went to the balcony to check something, I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful blue and orange-ish pink colors in the sky.  I took a photo and quickly uploaded it to Facebook and what I ended up seeing on my screen was the photo on the right.  The colors in this photo aren’t exactly right, as it’s a photo of a photo of a photo, but you can definitely see the difference between what I took on my phone and what I got once it was uploaded to Facebook….

Again, I ask W.T.H????

I’ve had this problem previously between Photoshop and Flickr, and it turned out that it was a setting that I had to change in the color settings.  I had it to one setting but I had to set it to something else that was better for uploading photos to the web, and the problem was solved.  I can’t figure it out with my phone though. Am I doomed to upload washed out photos from my mobile?!

I was going to ask this on Facebook but then I realized that the color would just be washed out again upon uploading it and the difference might not be visible.  Although, I generally don’t have as MUCH of a problem anymore when uploading photos from my cameras (used to be gawdawful but it has improved)… now it it just seems to be the mobile uploads that are completely washed out after uploading.

Does anyone know why this might be happening or how I can fix it?  I know it’s just mobile photos but I just can’t stand not having the same photo show up as the one I took and wanted to share in the first place. Help!

*Edit* Here is another photo comparison of a screenshot of a photo after it was uploaded and a photo of what it looks like on the phone.  Man oh man this is bugging me.


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  1. What happens if you take a photo of your photo on the screen and keep on repeating the process? Maybe you’ll end up with a photo devoid of colour
    Citizen_Stu´s last post ..2012 Bloggies Nomination Round

  2. This might be an obvious question, but have you checked the photos in another application (like Photoshop), and/or on another computer? Maybe your laptop screen is making them look washed out.
    amy´s last post ..Nieuwjaarsduik 2012

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