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This is so us…

My husband found this drawing on the Internet somewhere and we both laughed our asses off.   I shit you not, we have actually had this exact conversation.


Honestly, it’s like a day in the life of the Soldaats right there…

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  1. That’s funny!

    By the way, great book you’re reading. Cornwell writes some great books. You might like Jonathon Kellerman as well, his books are about a psychologist that assists the LAPD with homicide cases.

  2. I’m having a bit of trouble getting into Predator, something about Lucy is annoying me and I hate the way she writes in the 3rd person now. I miss when it was all 1st person from Kay :/ Even though her books haven’t been so great lately I keep reading them anyway just so I don’t miss anything in case the next one is a great one and I need the details hehe

    I’ll have to look up Jonathon Kellerman, I can always use new authors to check out! Thanks :)

  3. Predator certainly isn’t one of her better books. They seem to be going down hill. I guess I don’t remember any of her books being in 1st person, but I do remember them being a lot better. The Lucy character kind of got out of hand and became a lot less interesting once she became rich.

    I prefer Kellerman over Cornwell. I need to find some new authors, I’m starting to get worn out on reading the same ones.

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