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Dr. Oz on Gastric Bypass

Well, in case you were wondering I’ve now had my surgery and am now home.  I’m doing very well and plan to sit down this weekend and write about my experience at the hospital and my first week home.

For now, I just want to share some videos that I found really interesting.  Everyone seems to rave about this Dr. Oz, so when I came across these videos today, I just had to share.  In the videos he explains exactly what Gastric Bypass surgery is, why it’s not a cop out or the easy way, why it has such a bad stigma and why more people who are eligible for the surgery and would benefit from it aren’t doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like YAY! Everyone run out and have surgery RIGHT NOW!! but I have had a lot of people who are considering surgery asking me questions over the past few months, and while everyone in my life has been incredibly supportive, I know not everyone is as lucky as I have been in that regard.

Weight Loss Surgery DOES have a stigma attached to it, and I think it’s sad that it stops many people (the way it almost stopped me) from getting the help they need.  People are ashamed, afraid of what their friends and family will think of them and instead of getting help and getting their health under control, they just continue to spiral.

AGAIN, I’m not saying this surgery is the answer for everyone…  just that I wish there wasn’t such a horrible stigma to it.  As I said, I have wonderful friends and family and I STILL worried, because people, in general, feel and think so many bad things about weight loss surgery… so imagine what it’s like for the person who doesn’t have the kind of support in their lives that I have had…

Dr. Oz The Underperformed Surgery You Should Be Getting: Part 1
Dr. Oz The Underperformed Surgery You Should Be Getting: Part 2
Dr. Oz The Underperformed Surgery You Should Be Having: Part 3
Dr. Oz The Underperformed Surgery You Should Be Having: Part 4
Dr. Oz The Underperformed Surgery You Should Be Having: Part 5

I guess I’m just hoping that by being open about this myself, and sharing videos like these, that if people who read this have someone in their lives who is considering this surgery, they will stop and think before making comments about the easy way, the lazy way, or immediately start in with the horror stories they’ve heard.  There is so much to it than that and those things really aren’t what that person needs.  Concern is fine, that’s just showing you care.  The rest, it’s just unnecessary.

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  1. Congrats! I found your site through Google when trying to explain to internet friends what surgery I had, and why. I had the surgery on 3/13. I hope you are doing well.

  2. Are things still alright? How’s it going?

  3. I’m proud for you of your clarity of mind in all this, and we’ve never met. You’ve tried so hard for so long, and I say GOOD for you on making the call that you can’t always do things by plan A, and smart of you to switch to plan B knowing that it’s what’s best for you in the end if you really want to have the chance to go after the other things in life you’ve been missing up to this point. Wishing you speedy healing and good things on the road ahead of you.
    Jessica´s last post ..Wrapping around it

  4. So proud of you, and jealous too ;) I guess I’ll have to follow in your footsteps eventually. Two high school classmates have done it, my cousin did it too… and they are all looking great… and now you… and I know you’ll look great too, especially with a big preggo belly! :-D WLS is *not* the easy or lazy way, it’s actually the hardest way. But people can’t understand that. *hug*
    Marie-Claude´s last post ..Saturday afternoon knitting

  5. I’m glad you’re ok. Looking forward to hearing more when you’re up to it.

  6. You are awesome and so brave to have done this. There’s a lot of stigma attached to a lot of things–my parents still don’t believe that depression is a real problem–and it’s great that you have all the support you need.
    Jules´s last post ..Pot and Kettle

  7. I am so proud of you for taking this step! Plus it is awesome to have a buddy in this process.

    kara´s last post ..On Vacation

  8. I’m quite jealous that you got it actually :/ I am not eligible for any and with 50lb to go I am just struggling. It’s a constant circus of calorie restriction + trying to get enough exercise to create a calorie deficit, I know it’s not the easy way to have the surgery, but I wish I just didn’t have to worry about it all the time. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out! :)

    • Have you tried doing low carb? If I were to continue losing the ‘normal’ way I’d be doing that for sure. Not as strict as I was last year but that would definitely be the way I’d do it. Light exercise and low carb… I lost WAY more that way than when I was calorie counting and exercising harder.

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