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BBC’s Horizon – The Truth About Fat

Last night a few friends messaged me to let me know about a program that was going to be on BBC.  All I knew was that they were discussing obesity and gastric bypass, so I knew it was something I’d have to check out.

I’m so glad I did!  My husband came in and watched it with me and we spent the whole time talking back and forth.  Him saying “Wow, does that sound familiar?” and me going “Oh my god, that’s SO TRUE!!!”

It really WAS the truth about fat.  Have a look…

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Having lived a life long battle with obesity, I could relate to so many things they said.  The feelings of constant hunger, never really feeling full, my thoughts being dominated by food.  Watching that program was sort of like someone saying “No, you are NOT crazy” after a lifetime of being made to feel like it was all just in my head… that it all came down to nothing more than willpower and apparently I didn’t have any.

Yeah, how’s that for the self esteem?

They were also spot on with everything they said about gastric bypass and the feelings that most go through before and after the surgery.  If you’ve been reading my experience so far you’ll find a lot of common themes between how I’ve described my feelings and what they found in their research. Especially the bit where they said people often feel like they went in and had brain surgery rather than surgery on their stomach.  Something changes, I don’t know what, but it’s something wonderful… and I hope it never changes back.

I loved this program, and I think it could be a real eye opener for a lot of people, especially those who (like the presenter herself) have strong and sometimes inaccurate ideas about why people are obese and what it’s really like to walk a mile in their shoes.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I watched this when it aired on BBC a couple of weeks ago and it was the ‘turning point’ moment for me in my decision to finally consider WLS as an option for me. It was good to re-watch it and crystallize why I felt such a strong “click” with the information they presented.

  2. Finally got around to watching this, and WOW. I suspected a number of the things they talked about (I’m a total closet-nerd about dietetics and fairly interested in genetics as well,) but I’m thrilled there is hard science backing this stuff up. Very cool, thanks for posting this!

  3. I’ve just spent that past three hours reading around your blog. I so identify with always feeling hungry and never feeling full, etc. Loved reading about your journey and I sincerely hope your baby happens soon for you.

    I’ve thought about blogging about my WLS experience but haven’t. Thanks you for the TMI regarding the poo situation ;-) I was worried that the last week since coming home, but you reassured me. Not looking forward to week three, tho.

    Oh! And now I can’t wait to eat Pea Soup and regurgitated chicken and mashed potatoes! OMG, just to have something other than liquid!


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