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My Gastric Bypass: Two Month Photo Update

I know that when people who have WLS do blog updates, one of the things people are interested in most is seeing the progress photos. At least that’s what *I* always wanted to see most.

I have been taking photos along the way but I have to say I’m not really loving it yet.  From my experience and what I see on different groups and forums, we are all most critical of ourselves and we rarely ever see the differences.  That’s unfortunately something I am experiencing at the moment, which is why I didn’t even bother posting photos when I was at my one month point.

I promised to keep things as real as possible though, so I put some photo collages together showing myself on the day of surgery, at one month and at two months.   I wish I’d thought a little more when taking the photos, maybe smiled or worn something different, especially in the operation day and one month photos.  What on earth was I thinking taking my one  month photos after getting off my exercise bike?  Man… not my brightest moment, that’s for sure.

I am posting these photos in the hopes that one day I will look back on them and be thankful that I looked so horrid, because then it will be a glaring difference from my new, thin, rockin’ bod! haha

First, let’s look back at my before photos… my way way before photos.  Back in 2008 and 2009 before I started trying to lose weight at all.


The photos on the bottom were taken in 2008,  I’m not sure if I was actually at my highest at that point, but I was definitely somewhere between 280 – 300 lbs.  I was so unhappy and hated having the photos taken of myself but I wanted to have photos of me in these places because I loved them so much.  I’m glad I took them now as they are the only real ‘before’ photos I have!  I made a point of always trying to behind the camera.

The top photos were taken June 1, 2009.  I remember the day like yesterday because we were taking photos for my mother in law because she wanted to do a painting of us.  She asked for us to take photos so she could look at them to get our features right and stuff, so we got the camera out.  I was at my absolute heaviest at that time and I had a total tantrum that day because I did NOT want to take photos of myself.  I felt fat, ugly, and gross… I never bothered to do anything with my hair or try to make myself look nice because I felt like it was an impossible task.

That was the day everything changed. Seeing those photos of myself, together with a kick in the ass from my doctor, is what started this long portion of my weight loss journey which finally lead to me having the surgery.

Now for something more recent…


This is the only decent face shot I have since the surgery, from a few weeks ago.  Excuse the wax statue look, I was playing with the ‘magic skin’ feature on a new camera app on my phone. Apparently it’s supposed to remove blemishes but it also removes all signs of you being human and having human skin.  It still does the trick and shows the shape of my face at the moment I think.

Now for the dreaded body shots!

Remember, the morning of my surgery I was nervous and freaking out… and at my one month mark I was still home a lot, in recovery and not firing on all cylinders.  I wasn’t thinking that I’d actually have to SHARE these photos one day.  I think I’m going to hire a stylist for my three month photos to make up for this fiasco.


Yeah you thought I was kidding about how horrid my earlier photos were, didn’t you?  I can’t even believe I’m putting these out there for public consumption.  Egads!



When I look at it I try to see the differences, I really do… I know my face has gotten thinner, I know that I’m wearing two sizes smaller in jeans and that I am more comfortable in smaller shirts, but when I LOOK at the photos, I just don’t see it.  It’s so incredibly frustrating.   I do hate the photos on the right a lot less than the photos on the left, so that must mean something is changing.

Now it’s time for my least favorite part of all…



Man oh man, I have enough ass for three women!  This is one area where I can see a slight difference.  I know the area that I lovingly call my ‘butt shelf’ is starting to go down but I really can’t wait for the time when I just have a normal butt rather than having that serious junk in my trunk look.

I know I’ll be disappointing African men all over the city by getting rid of my ridiculously large ass, but they’re just going to have to deal.  This arse has GOTTA GO.

So that’s it!  People can stop harassing me now about showing photos!  Hopefully I’ll see a bigger difference in my THREE month photos when I should be lower than my lowest weight from 2010, less than five pounds to go!

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A Canadian living in France with her Dutch hubby after 17 years in the Netherlands. A total TV and movie junkie who is never not knitting. She also enjoys other crafts, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her 'new' country.

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  1. Wow. You are melting away. I hope you won’t stop posting fish photos as well. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration.
    michele´s last post ..All the rage…

  2. I thought the same thing as many here “You’re shrinking”! It’s amazing to see the difference, and not just to see “before” and “after”, but to really share your transformation with you. I hope you’re still feeling healthy and that things continue in this positive direction for you :)
    Jessica´s last post ..City envy, relearning math

  3. Wow you look great before you know it you will be in One-der-land when we see you in Oct you will be one skinny minny

    • I will -cry- when I finally get out of the 200’s you have no idea!! It’s going to be cool to see you all in October! Looking forward to it!

  4. I can see a big difference. I think you are doing great. Congratulations :)
    Citizen_Stu´s last post ..A Very Strange Evening – Part I

  5. OMG! You’re doing great!
    I’m always here or on FB reading your progress and cheering but I HAD to say something now… congratulations!
    I know how hard it is, we’re in the same boat. I was trully happy when you decided to do the WLS. I know you’ll get where you want and trust me you’re going to be so happy you won’t even remember how hard life has been on you.
    About the pics, it’s common that you don’t see the difference. Our brains play tricks on us. I only saw it after an year or so. Crazy uh?
    Best of luck to you and Xander, I love how you two are a team.

    • Our brains totally play tricks on us, it’s unreal. I see the differences so clearly in others but not myself, but I know others have the same problem. It’s nice to hear from you!! :)

  6. I agree with everyone else’s comments. The transformation is definitely noticeable – even your posture seems to have changed. You look more confident.

  7. You were fabulous before, and you are fabulous now: that’s not changing. For the rest, girl, things are changing quickly!!! There’s a huge difference between before and after! I CANNOT WAIT for you to get below your lowest weight!! That’s so exciting!! And oh my god when you’ll get in the 90s!??! double-digit flowers are in order! I’m loving that you yourself are noticing your fabulousity more and more. African men across Rotterdam be damned: none of this is about them, but it still made me laugh outloud! You’re so fucking hilarious! Love you!!!

    • haha I love you too, Gen!! I’m so excited to get in the 90’s… one of the great things about following my weight in both kilos and pounds, I get extra goals haha only 2.4 kilos until I’m in the 90’s… hard to believe!!

  8. definitely see differences Tammy! I can’t wait to see the upcoming months’ transformations! Whoo hoo!!
    Renee @pinkypie´s last post ..Three Years

  9. OMG that is amazing progress! I am gobsmacked at how fast the changes have come on. It’s amazing. I mean, just…wow. Wow….

    You rock. Keep rocking!
    Jules´s last post ..The Word

  10. Amazing changes! But don’t worry about the slowness. Slower reduction is healthier for you, you know that, I know. And the butt pics were the most telling by far… :)

    • Yeah it’s hard to not compare at times when I see women who are losing tons and tons so quickly. When I look at it day to day it seems slow but overall I know it’s going quickly. Plus, it’s going down and not up like it probably would have been otherwise, that’s what matters! :)

  11. I cam really see the difference, especially in your thighs and calves. The progress is fabulous and as your face gets thinner your awesome smile is going to get even bigger. I love seeing your daily walking stats too. Don’t know where you’re finding the energy – I want some of it!

    I know what you mean about wanting to see progress photos; in makeover shows I’m only interested in the reveal at the end… So keep the photos coming!

    • Oh I’m the same, I LOVE a good makeover! Whenever I watch shows like America’s Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek etc, I just wait and wait for makeover day. I also have to resist the urge to skip to the Finale when I download Biggest Loser, I just want to see the huge difference in the people.

  12. Hi Tammy, well done :)
    I think you are doing great and look great with all the weight loss going on.
    keep walking girl !!!

  13. Debbie Hillier Drover

    Way to go Tammy. You are looking GREAT!!!!!

  14. Tammy, you are looking great – your posture and waist, across your shoulders – huge difference! You are doing great! Laughed out loud about the African men – I have that too! Just think – some people put butt implants in there to make it look bigger!

    • Yeah I always wonder about those people who get implants to make their asses look really huge. I bet I’d have an entirely different body image if I grew up somewhere in Africa or other places where people aren’t judged so harshly by their weight. I find a lot of African women completely OWN their weight and have so much more self confidence.

  15. Thanks for sharing your progress photos Tammy! I was hoping you would do something like this. :) I can see a big change in you already! Your side on pictures are night and day from where you were just a couple of months ago. I can see where your stomach area has shrunk a lot. In your back pictures you can see where that’s getting smaller too!! Way to go! :) I love reading on Facebook about how you are keeping really active and doing long walks. You’re not looking at the surgery and just sitting around for the progress to be made. You are WORKING with it. I’m so proud of you. Keep up the great work and enjoy rockin’ that hot new body! :)

    • Thanks Kim! I so wish I could have gotten it done the way you did but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I never thought I’d resort to having surgery but I promised myself that if I did, I’d do my part too… so far so good! Hopefully I will be able to keep it up long term as I don’t want to be one of THOSE stories. haha

  16. Tammy…you are such an example to so many people. You look fabulous and I’m SO proud of you! …and tammy? It is VERY visible that you’ve lost weight! Perhaps measurements would be a great idea to go along with the weight numbers…I know Dr.Oz measure waistline and neck circumference.

    • I know my waist has gone down quite a bit. I need to call the clinic and ask them for the measurement they did on my intake, I forget what it was. grrr

  17. Oh, I wanted to ask, did you take measurements to see how ‘small’ you are getting? On pictures it might be hard to see, but the tape measure doesn’t lie ;)
    Marie-Claude´s last post ..Spring Flowers Gowns project – progress report

  18. But look at your thighs! On the profile pictures. They are literally shrinking from the 1st to the 3rd picture! You cannot deny it!

    Well done!!!!!!
    Marie-Claude´s last post ..Spring Flowers Gowns project – progress report

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