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The Visual Style of the Wire

While looking through my feeds this morning I saw an interesting link on Dooce.com.  When I saw The Wire mentioned I had to check it out.

Beware! Before watching, there are possible spoilers in the video!

[vimeo id=”39768998″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

I’m a huge fan of The Wire, I’ve mentioned it in the past and whenever I talk to friends about TV show I all but hogtie them and  supervise to make sure they watch it.   There are so many reasons why I think this show is worth watching. I love the acting, the storyline, and how real it feels at times.  One thing I never gave a lot of thought is the visual style of the show and how it affects the viewer.

I thought it was really interesting to watch the video and learn about all the subtle things they did to change the way we see the show, the way of shooting, the subtle hints and the meanings behind some of the visuals.

I watch a lot of TV, and in general I am not really that hard to please when it comes to the shows, but The Wire is still head and shoulders above most other shows, and now I can say that the visual styling of the show definitely played a part in that.

If you haven’t watched this show, do it… don’t make me hogtie you! I’ll do it!


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  1. I also saw the Wire, and I can’t disagree with you, it’s just one of the best tv shows I have ever seen.

    From a photographers perspective, this video is very interesting as it adds that extra layer of intrigue to the series. I’m really thankful for finding this!

    I think I watched this show in my late teen years and it completely changed the way how I see institutions and their power players. Of course much can be read on these topics, but to put it on film in such a way, has just changed my perception of the world while I was growing up. Thankfully I didn’t need to find out the hard way.

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