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The Day I Finally Got Into My Husband’s Pants (5 Month Update)

Remember the time when my husband got into my pants?  Well last night he got to return the favor!
Get your mind out of the gutter, if you clicked the link you know I’m not talking about that.

Yesterday was 5 months since my surgery, and I feel like I’m in a total time warp.  How on earth has five months gone by so fast?!  I had done my last update late, at 4.5 months rather than on time two weeks before… so I wasn’t really into doing my usual photos as not that much has changed in the past two weeks.

I was folding and putting away the laundry last night and as I was folding my husband’s t-shirts I realized that they weren’t way smaller than my own anymore. I hadn’t even really thought to try on his clothes before now, to be honest I spent all of our time together not being able to to get anywhere near his size. 

Sad, right?  Can you imagine how that affects the way you feel about yourself as a woman?  Being so big that you can’t even squeeze into your husband’s shirts?   To weigh almost twice as much as him?  If you are there now or have ever been, you know what I’m talking about, and it sucks, right?

I was quite hesitant to even try his t-shirt as my weight loss has been kind of slow this past month or so and the last thing I needed was another one of those doesn’t fit situations.  In the end I thought what the hell, because it’d be so cool if I could finally be one of those women who lounges around in her husband’s old t-shirts, ya know?

Sure enough, it fit!!  I ran excitedly into the Lego Lair to show my husband and he laughed and told me a story about the morning before when he got up and put my jeans on by mistake thinking they were his.  He told me that he was quite shocked when he realized they were mine because they almost fit him.

You know I had to go try a pair of his jeans then.

I’m no fool, I chose the ones that I know are a bit too big for him now, but… BAM!

5 Months Post-op

A crazy bad photo of me IN MY HUSBAND’S CLOTHES! AMAZEBALLS!!

Let’s try to remember that it was 10pm, it was almost my bedtime, and I wasn’t planning to take photos, ok?

The fact that I am posting this horrid photo of myself should show you just how excited I was by the fact that I not only could get his jeans up past my knees, but zip them up and button them too. HOLY SHIT!

I sort of have to say that these jeans are baggy all over on him, but that’s just the joy of being a man and never really having to worry about hips and thighs.  I am making him keep these jeans so one day I can show that they are way too big for me!

As for my five month update, well… not much has changed since I last posted about how things were going. I’m happy, my hair loss appears to have slowed down, but so has my weight loss.  My body is changing and I constantly see it in my clothes so I’m trying not to obsess about the scale too much.

Ok, that is a load of bullshit, I’m totally obsessed with the scale, I just didn’t want to admit it. I get on first thing in the morning, after a good poo, all the damn time.  Don’t judge me, dammit… I’m a former 300 lb girl who is less than 5 lbs away from finally getting under 200!  You’d be obsessed too!

I didn’t feel like doing the whole this is me from the front, this is me from the back thing, so instead I took the frontal photo and made a compilation of those from my highest until now. 

5 Months Post-op

((  You can CLICK HERE too see this larger ))

So yeah, I’m getting there… feeling better and better every day.  I do sometimes feel like I wish I had lost more, which I think goes back to my impatience to get below 200 lbs.  It’s also hard not to compare with some of the crazy losses I see on my WLS groups.  Some people have lost 2x as much as me in the same amount of time but I try to remind myself that many of the same people are having loads of trouble because they aren’t taking care of themselves properly (some, not all of course… some just have complications regardless of what they do).  I am healthy, happy, active and enjoying my life.  I’m not suffering any complications, I’ve been careful about what I eat and am not having issues with dumping or pain.  I would much rather lose at the rate I am and be happy than go through what I see some others experiencing because they are in too much of a hurry.

So that’s five months down.  I will get back to my regularly scheduled front, side, back photos at my six month point…. and so help me god, I had better be under 200 lbs by then.

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  1. You are gorgeous — the most beautiful thing is your smile. I love reading your blog!

  2. wow!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! You look amazing! And that photos is totally adorable, not bad at all!

  4. The differnce is mind blowing. I know I keep on saying it but congratulations.

  5. ahahah Lego lair…. too funny.

    Love that you got into his pants!! I am in hot pursuit, baby!
    Kara´s last post ..Walk Training

  6. This so reminds me of the time my 16-year-old son accidentally wore my jeans all day. He was so upset but at the same time wondering why they were SO comfortable (lycra baby!) Of course, when I tried his on to see if they fit me, I was accused of getting ‘girl cooties’ on them. So……now that you have infested Xander’s jeans…..you might as well make them your own! As always, I am in awe of your accomplishments and hugely entertained by your insights into life. Congratulations!!!!

    Dave2´s last post ..Off

  8. Amazing photo progression! I love that things are going slowly but steadily. Way to go!

  9. Holy Smokes Tammy! You have done incredible! Not only have you lost so much weight but in the last 3 photos you look so healthy and glowing. I agree with the others, you’re an inspiration! Congratulations!
    Alison´s last post ..Visiting Monserrate Palace and Gardens, Sintra, Portugal

  10. Congratulations! :)

  11. You’re amazaballs! What an inspiration. You know, those jeans look pretty good on, I’d say move them to your wardrobe! And you’re rockin’ that new haircut!

    • I told you I was going to add AMAZEBALLS! to my vocabulary haha I’ve been waiting to make good use of it :P The pants are still a bit too small on my bum up top but yeah once they fit a bit better I’m hemming those suckers and they are mine haha

  12. Congrats!! I actually see a big difference in your last two photos, so though it might seem like things have slowed down, I’d say there’s still a heck of a lot of change going on! Keep focusing on staying healthy and positive. You look fantastic!
    Alison´s last post ..Last Hurrah

    • Thanks Alison! :) As long as things keep changing I’m -trying- not to worry too too much about the scale (failing, of course, but still trying!) haha

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