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Pinterest Crafts: Old Suitcase Turned Dog Bed!

A while back I saw something a friend posted on Pinterest that I really liked, so I repinned so that I would remember to make it at some point.

Pinterest Idea
What a cool idea! Using an old suitcase to make a bed for one of your pets.  When I saw it, I knew immediately what I was going to use.

Old Suitcase

This is a suitcase that is I don’t even know how many years old.  It was my grandmother’s suitcase that she used to use when she was off gallivanting with her friends back in the day.  She died over 15 years ago and this was just one of the things that went from her house to ours, and then came along with me to the Netherlands.

Time and time again Xander and I would be cleaning out our storage room and I’d be faced with this suitcase. Even though I’d rant and rave to him about all the reasons he should throw away the things he was never going to use, this was one thing I could never bring myself to part with.  I never used it, yet I couldn’t bring myself to part with it.

When I saw the idea about the pet bed, I thought it was a great way to keep it here with me but also get some use out of it, so that’s exactly what I did!

Old Suitcase

It was still in pretty great condition really. It almost seemed a shame to take it apart but it was that, have it collecting dust in the basement or throw it away… and I couldn’t bring myself to do either of those things. So take it apart, we did!

This was the end result…

Old Suitcase Turned Dog Bed

A super cute new dog bed!

Old Suitcase Turned Dog Bed

A bed fit for a king!

Old Suitcase Turned Dog Bed

Ok, ok… or a queen!

I think other than a few recipes this is the first thing I’ve ever made based on something I found on Pinterest.  I did see a photo of one someone made using tennis balls for legs, to take it off the ground a little. I thought about doing that but then I wasn’t sure that Pixel would be able to get in there with her little legs… or, that she’d try, rather. She can be lazy like that!

I love this thing!!  Now I have a cute bed for the dogs and still have Nana’s suitcase here with me too. WIN WIN!

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  1. That is so neat!! Was the other half deep enough to make a second bed for the other doggie?

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