Call Me Maybe!

Breigh August 11, 2012 1

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and Xander and I are trying to figure out what the heck we want to do. Go for a walk in a park somewhere? Go to a beach? Go for a bike ride? Hang home and chill?  No idea. We are both in that weird sort of mood where we both want to do something but we just aren’t sure what.

Those kinds of moods make me cranky.

Xander found this video online and showed it to me and now I can’t stop watching it and laughing.  Yes, we are easily amused, but there was no way I could stay cranky watching that.

Hope it gives you a giggle too!


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  1. Melissa P August 12, 2012 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    That was freaking awesome!! LOL!

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