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Bucket List – Swim in the Mediterranean

One thing I didn’t mention in my recent post about my trip to the south of France was that while I was down there, I finally got to swipe another item off my 101 list! To swim in the Mediterranean!

It has been on my list during two of my previous trips but we just never did get around to it.  When we got together with Xander’s mother for the day, we decided to go to the beach.  It gave us a nice relaxing way to spend time and chat with her and also the chance to see some place new… and yes, knock that sucker off my list!

Cap d'Agde Beach

We went to the beautiful beach of Cap d’Agde and were surprised that it wasn’t a lot more busy.   We arrived just after lunch and there weren’t a lot of people there.  Weirdly, by the time we left later in the afternoon, people started flooding in.  Strange how people show up later rather than like in the Netherlands where it is busier early in the day.

Me at Cap c'Agde

This is me, in the Mediterranean!

Me at Cap c'Agde

To be honest, the water was shockingly cold. It was the beginning of September and the temperatures were still quite warm, but getting in the water was every bit as difficult (or moreso) than when we go to the beach here at home.  No way that was going to stop me though.

Me at Cap c'Agde

Ok, so the first attempt at an underwater photo didn’t go quite as planned.  We had brought a cheap underwater camera with us to record the 101 event.  HELLO BATWINGS!

Me at Cap c'Agde

AHA, there we go, a proper swimming in the Mediterranean photo!  In our attempts to take underwater photos both at the beach and at the pool back at my in-laws, we realized that I am absolutely incapable of not looking like a complete weirdo underwater. I make funny faces, I get in weird positions… I will never be a model.

Us at Cap d'Agde

Me with my partner in crime.  He’s not much of a sun worshipper, and if you asked him about things he’d like to do, you’d need a scroll like Santa’s list to get all the things on it that he’d come up with BEFORE going to the beach… but he went and made the best of it, even if he did freeze his you-know-whats off trying to get in the water.

I really loved that beach and will definitely visit again this year when we go down, I think.  Unless hubby remembers how cold the water was, then it may be a bit more of a challenge to get him there.  Maybe he’ll remember the great ice cream he had too, though…

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  1. ..because you know it will be a while until we have weather like that here in Holland.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..2013 Bloggies – Nomination Round

  2. You really did have great weather. I’m jealous.

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