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365 Days of Self Portraits: Days 15-21

In an effort to gain self confidence and deal with body image issues still remaining after my weight loss, I decided to take part in a 365 project focusing on self portraits.  My hopes are that after a year of taking a photo of myself ever day, that I will stop hating photos of myself, stop picking apart the things I hate about my body and learn to accept myself in a way that I haven’t been able to before.  It is uncomfortable, challenging and at times scary as I am also putting myself out there in a way I never have… but sometimes personal growth requires stepping out of your comfort zone.  So this is my project, 365 days of Self Portraits…

So far so good with this year’s 365 Days Project of self portraits.  I’m actually finding it to be quite fun so far.   There are days where it’s already almost 10pm and I’m thinking “Shit! I’ve not done my 365 photo yet!” and it feels like a pain to think of a photo, but I like that it forces me to get my camera out and use my imagination.

Here are days 15-21!

Project 365 - Day 15

Day 15: Me and my new morning coffee date.  I’ve heard he is great company but so far I find the conversation a bit lacking.

Project 365 - Day 16

Day 16: Sunset walk in the Carnisse Grienden with my hubby.  It was darn cold but nice!

Project 365 - Day 17

Day 17: Do you believe in ghosts?

Project 365 - Day 18

Day 18: 1 Year “Surgiversary”

Project 365 - Day 19

Day 19: Hangin’ with my homies!

Project 365 - Day 20

Day 20: First one awake…
Spent the weekend with friends and even though we were up talking late into the night, I was still up before the birds!

Project 365 - Day 21

Day 21: Well here’s something I haven’t done in a long time!

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  1. Great pictures! Keep them coming, please.

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