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A Canadian girl living in the Netherlands with her Dutch hubby. A total TV and movie junkie who enjoys crafting, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her 'new' country.

Pittsburgh Day 2: Robots, Burgers and Hockey!

Pittsburgh Day 2

On our second day in Pittsburgh we were picked up early in the morning by Xander’s colleague, Tim, who took us out for breakfast.  Before we went to the states, Xander said that he wanted to have proper pancakes, so I went online and looked up “Best pancakes in Pittsburgh” and the results were unanimous – Pamela’s!  It just so happened that it was the same place Tim had already planned to take us for breakfast… I can safely say, the reviews weren’t wrong. The food was delicious!  It was funny, though, I ordered a short stack, with this image in ... Read More »

My Smooshy Clapotis and Why Blocking Matters

Smooshy Clapotis

I first started this project months ago when I cast it on to be my travel project for my trip to Pittsburgh, but I ended up not doing any knitting at all on my trip.  I picked it up and put it down again about 20 times since then but only got around to finishing it during the Christmas holidays. I had picked up the Smooshy yarn (in color “Shiny Moss”) by Dream in Color during a 50% off sale at Harlequin Yarns and had it tucked aside for this project.  I only had the one skein so I had to ... Read More »

Pittsburgh: The First Day

Shadyside Inn Mansion Suites

RIGHT, so back to the story of our visit to Pittsburgh.  It all seems like such a whirlwind now, I can’t believe it has been almost four months already.  Why is it that the time you spend waiting for something drags on, yet the time that passes after something flies like the wind.  Life can be so bizarre that way, can’t it? Preparing for the trip actually went really well.  I had lists on top of lists on top of lists, and I packed like a boss! Expat packing priorities, always make room for stroopwafels! A photo posted by Tammy ... Read More »

Phoncible Hat – Love!


I really should have renamed this hat, I have no idea what a phoncible is and there’s just no getting cute with that name in a blog title. Anyway, it’s finished and I LOVE IT!  It worked out just as great as I thought it would with the two different color changes and I don’t mind the rolled up edge after all.  It does work out to be sort of a feature rather than an annoyance. I didn’t end up blocking the hat because I wore it the whole time I was on holiday. Oh yes, holiday… it was wonderful.  ... Read More »

Return to Rensiwez: Cabin Werner


Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday, I know we did! If you have been to my blog at this time on previous years, you have probably heard me moan about the state of affairs in the Netherlands on New Years Eve.  Mainly the situation with the fireworks and my dogs. While the fireworks are great for taking photos, it’s really really bad in big cities if you have pets that are nervous.  My dogs have been absolutely beside themselves every single year and each time I’d swear that it was our last time in Rotterdam on ... Read More »

Phoncible Hat Progress


As it turns out, I was able to show some self restraint with my Phoncible Hat, it’s not finished yet! It’s so weird to have to stop myself from finishing something rather than pushing to get it done, but I’m glad I left this one alone. I want to work on it more while I am away. Look at those colors, it has been turning out exactly how I imagined!  I love it already and it isn’t even finished yet.  I wonder if it’s even possible for me to get tired of self striping / color changing yarn. I’m thinking ... Read More »

Let it Snow!


We got snow this morning in the Netherlands. So close to Christmas, but it just missed the mark.  I think not having snow is one of the things that makes it more difficult to get into the Christmas spirit over here.  Well, that together with not having friends and family around. It was so nice to wake up and see this snow this morning, though!   The great thing about when it snows here is that it last just long enough for you to go “aawww it’s SNOWING!!” and spend a day outside listening to it crunching under your boots and ... Read More »

How Did I Not Notice This Sooner?!


The Noorse Sokkenwol by Scheepjes, how on earth did I not realize that there was a thicker alternative to the Scheepjes Invicta Colour yarn out there?  I think my addiction to that yarn is pretty well documented and I blame Ravelry.  There are just so many patterns out there for shawls, socks and all sorts of other things using self striping yarn that the Invicta Colour is perfect for, I can’t knit them fast enough. BUT… I have recently been on a hat kick and I found a pattern that I absolutely had to try, the Phoncible Hat (alternative pattern link ... Read More »

My Chocolate Dream Shawl (Sheepjes Yarn Kit for Kika)

Scheepjes Yarn Kit

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a sample shawl for Scheepjeswol’s yarn kit for Kika (a children’s Cancer charity) that they released last week.  It’s a kit that includes a knitting and crochet pattern using the Invicta Colour and Invicta Extra yarns, which are current favorites of mine, and the yarns I’ve used for my Dreambird shawls.   The kit comes in 15 different color combinations, which, if you are indecisive like me, can be very difficult to choose from!  Thankfully, the choice for the sample was already chosen, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d still be mulling it ... Read More »

Omg! We’re Moving … Eventually!


I’ve been meaning to write this post since we got back from holiday, so here it is – We’re moving to Pittsburgh! Wow, I don’t even know where to start!  It’s such a huge thing over here in Casa Soldaat, this impending move.  It’s been in the making for quite some time and while it still doesn’t feel quite real yet, it’s actually happening!  I’m not sure when, that is all down to US immigration, but it is happening.  Holy crap! Let’s start at the beginning.  It all started a few years ago when my husband got involved in robotics.  ... Read More »

Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop – Christmas Heart Mitts!


Hey there!  Welcome to anyone who is a first time visitor that hopped by from yesterday’s post over at Fifty Shades of 4 Ply! Also, welcome back to my regular gang!  It’s been a while, right?  Well, I’m still kicking and have been knitting my butt off lately.  I have a lot of projects to update you all on, plus a lot of (REALLY) exiting real life news (that you may have seen on my Facebook Page)… but first thing’s first! I was recently asked to take part in the Scheepjes blog hop and I had the perfect idea for ... Read More »