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101 List – Go Ice Skating!


I’m Canadian. It goes without saying that people assume that we glide out of the womb on ice skates. Girls doing a fancy little twirl and boys ready for a fight, right?  Well, I guess that’s sort of true. Starting at a very young age, we are put on ice …

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101 List–Swim in the Mediterranean


One thing I didn’t mention in my recent post about my trip to the south of France was that while I was down there, I finally got to swipe another item off my 101 list! To swim in the Mediterranean! It has been on my list during two of my …

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101 List – Learn to Knit Socks


I DID IT!  After years of saying how much I want to learn to knit socks I finally sat down and started trying to learn how. With the help of my friend Staci from VeryPink.com I have followed her wonderful tutorials for learning to knit socks!  You may (ok probably …

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101 List–Join a Book Club


Number 16 on my 101 List was to join a book club.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while but never really bothered to look into.  So when some friends of started one, I was all over it! I’m not actually in the above photo, as I …

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101 List – Submit a POTY Photo


For the past two years I have belonged to IMAGES Photo Club, an English speaking photography club in Den Haag.  I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the club, especially the outings that I’ve been on with them, like the sailing trip and the trip to Texel.  One thing I’ve …

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101 List – My First Pedicure


Last week my friend Penny and I got together for pedicures.  It was my very first pedicure ever, can you believe it?!  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but either I didn’t want to spend the money on it or I was freaked out about people messing with my …

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101 List – Learn To Make HDR Photos


One of the things I’ve been most determined to do from my 101 List is learning to make High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos.  I’ve seen some amazing HDR photos on Flickr and really wanted to learn to do it myself, but on first examination it seemed really difficult.  This was …

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