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My Blog is Loved!

Today DutchBitch has given me the I love your blog award!  Pretty cool! I’ll be honest.  I’ve seen other people handing these awards out to each other and I’ve been a little jealous and unloved. Not anymore, I’m one of the cool kids now, so to speak! This is how …

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Website Issues

A few people have mentioned that they are having problems with my site being slow to load.   It appears there are some problems going on with my host.   I thought it might be the theme, since the problems mainly started around the same time I switched themes, but after doing …

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New Theme Up and Running

The new theme (WP-VYBE) is finally up!  What do you think?   You know me, if you hate it say you love it anyway because I just spent the last two days working on it.  I’m ok with you just amusing me. This theme is awesome and I really must give …

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Bloggy Award Winner!

I was reviewed at Bloggyaward.com today.    I was quite surprised when I saw it on my bloglines with my blog on there but was pleasantly surprised to see that I was a Bloggy Award Winner. The way the site works is, they review your site but only the really good …

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Bloggers Help!

Ok I’ve decided on a new theme, using the new header made by my friend Duncan (aka. Gravain for those of you gamer friends reading this). I have a problem though, I can’t get the drop down links to work that I used to use on my old theme, because …

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