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Stop The Presses! I Am Printing a Retraction!


Have you ever read my About Me page? If you have you’ve probably seen this… Ummm, yeah.  This is a lie.  Well, it wasn’t a lie when I first wrote it now but I can’t leave it on there without feeling like I’m telling a fib. A while back I wrote a post about how I felt that my being overweight affected my feeling of femininity, which was quite difficult for me to write because not only was it slightly embarrassing but it required a little bit of soul searching as well.  I always knew I didn’t feel feminine but ... Read More »

Truth In Blogging


Years ago I made a post about people online and how they pretend to be something they aren’t, and I’ve been thinking about it again recently.  I made that post almost exactly 5 years ago and this issue is still a bit of a thorn in my side, especially now that the blogging community has grown so much since I last discussed it. Over the years I’ve spoken to a lot of bloggers and have even met one or two in real life and become friends with them.  One thing that has always stopped me from meeting more is the ... Read More »

Five Years of Canadutch


Yesterday was the five year anniversary of this blog.   It started out on May 2, 2004 when I was anxiously awaiting my upcoming trip to Canada.  I’d not been home in almost four years so I was long overdue.  Now here I am, five years later… looking back on it like it was just yesterday! In the past five years a lot has changed on this site.  I’ve gone through a number of themes, changed the look endless times and went from writing in plain HTML, to Movabletype and finally WordPress, which I think I’ll be sticking with for a ... Read More »

Paying it Forward – Blog Style!


A while back I saw that Zhu had a post called Pay it Forward.  I first thought of the movie by that name, but it turned out she was taking part in the same sort of thing only over blogs.  Here is how it was described: the exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward in their own way. Zhu received a gift from a blogger in France, and I was chosen for her to send a gift ... Read More »

My Blog is Loved!

Today DutchBitch has given me the I love your blog award!  Pretty cool! I’ll be honest.  I’ve seen other people handing these awards out to each other and I’ve been a little jealous and unloved. Not anymore, I’m one of the cool kids now, so to speak! This is how it works, according to DutchBitch: The “I Love Your Blog Award” rules: The winner can put the logo on his/her blog. Link the person you received your award from. Nominate at least seven other blogs Put links of those blogs on yours. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve ... Read More »

Website Issues


A few people have mentioned that they are having problems with my site being slow to load.   It appears there are some problems going on with my host.   I thought it might be the theme, since the problems mainly started around the same time I switched themes, but after doing some testing everything is slow, even things on this domian that have nothing to do with my website or the theme. Unfortunately, the company that hosts Breigh.com hasn’t been able to figure out what is causing the problems… and it’s frustrating the crap out of me.   My husband spent a ... Read More »

New Theme Up and Running


The new theme (WP-VYBE) is finally up!  What do you think?   You know me, if you hate it say you love it anyway because I just spent the last two days working on it.  I’m ok with you just amusing me. This theme is awesome and I really must give a big shout out to Michael over at Solostream.com for helping me out along the way!  He did a fantastic job on creating this theme and is super quick getting back to you for support. Now that I have everything fixed, the upkeep should be a lot easier.  My old ... Read More »

Bloggy Award Winner!

I was reviewed at Bloggyaward.com today.    I was quite surprised when I saw it on my bloglines with my blog on there but was pleasantly surprised to see that I was a Bloggy Award Winner. The way the site works is, they review your site but only the really good ones get the ‘bloggy award’.   You have to get a 10 / 10 overall to get it, and I did! w00t! I’m totally stoked!  This is the first review I’ve gotten since I’ve done the site over. Here’s what they had to say: Canadutch is the personal log of a ... Read More »

Bloggers Help!

Ok I’ve decided on a new theme, using the new header made by my friend Duncan (aka. Gravain for those of you gamer friends reading this). I have a problem though, I can’t get the drop down links to work that I used to use on my old theme, because I’m using sidebar widgets on this one. The code I used to use was the Flooble Expandable Content script, which was wonderful… but I can’t get it to work in a text widget.   I also can’t get it to work in a page! Argh! I’ve tried other drop down link ... Read More »