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A Day in the Life of Stella


[vimeo id=”8327538″ width=”600″ height=”350″] What a life!  When I die I want to go back in time and come back as Stella. I figure if reincarnation is possible then time travel must be too. This is such a great video!  I’d love to make something like that for a day …

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TV Review: The Big C


When I first heard about Showtime’s new show The Big C last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  All I knew was that it was a show about Cancer, it sounded like a Reality show that would hit way too close to home for me.  Cancer? Really? Do they …

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Switched at Birth – Watch it!


Below is a trailer for a new ABC Family show called Switched at Birth.  It is still in its first season but I’m crazy insane over it already.  I won’t get into who is in it or what it’s about because if you clicked play on the video you already …

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The 19th Wife: Book Review


The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff My rating: 2 of 5 stars I found this book to be too all over the place for my liking. It says it’s all fiction but parts of it rest heavily on historical facts. To me, it felt like a decent fiction story stuck …

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My Television Addiction


I am the first to admit that I have a serious television addiction.  I make myself feel better by thinking things like hey, at least I don’t smoke crack! It works pretty well. People often ask how I find the time to watch all the shows I do.  It’s pretty …

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Valentine’s Day at Bollywood


This year my husband and I decided to do something different for Valentine’s Day.  Normally we don’t really do much, just hang out and make a nice dinner, to go a movie or go out for something to eat.  This year I saw that a Bollywood show was coming to …

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30 days of Truth: Day 13


Ok or originally this said “Write a letter”, I can’t be arsed to do that.  If I write about some famous artist here, they will never read it, and if they did I’d probably drop dead and you’d never hear from me again.  So I’m just going to answer the …

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Rotterdam Film Festival: Skarsgard In The Flesh!


Oh, sorry no… not that one.  It was this one!  Here’s what happened. The other day my friend Genevieve asked if I wanted to get together in town today and maybe see a movie.  When we realized that all the theaters in town aren’t showing regular films because of the …

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30 Days of Truth: Day 7


Shit, this is an easy one… my husband.  I’ve spoken on here loads of times about how wonderful he is and all the things I love about him. To list it all again would just be repeating myself, although I’m sure he wouldn’t mind… he really digs the compliments and …

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