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British vs American TV Series – Coupling


I have a thorn in my side and I’m going to blog about it. An entire series on why British TV rocks my socks and why Americans need to stop trying to recreate it. There’s something about British TV that is so great, great in an entirely different way to anything we watch on American television.  It’s hard to describe… the humor is different, it’s more dry and requires a bit more brain power to pick up on. I guess it’s not as in your face and obvious as a lot of US shows.  Don’t get me wrong, there is ... Read More »

Vinnie and Lula Cast in One For The Money (Stephanie Plum Movie)


We have a Lula!!!  This is what I have been waiting for.  We have Stephanie, Morelli, Ranger, and now Lula.  All we need now is a Grandma Mazur and we are done, the rest don’t REALLY matter. Oh yeah, we have a Vinnie too. So, who will be playing everyone’s favorite gun-toting, spandex wearing, ex-hooker? Oh yeah, and Vinnie… Lula Wikipedia description of the character: Lula was introduced as a minor character working as a hooker in the first book in the series, One For the Money. In Two For the Dough, she becomes Vinnie’s filing clerk and Stephanie’s sometimes ... Read More »

Ralph Macchio Strikes Back


Before I show this video, I must confess that I blatantly and shamelessly ripped this off from Avitable, who found it first.  I couldn’t help myself, I’m on an 80’s kick lately after umm… *cough* acquiring an 80’s Teen Movie Pack which is 57 gigs and includes pretty much every teen movie made during the 80’s.  Including The Karate Kid… so how could I not laugh my ass off at this and pass it around? Forgive me, Adam! :) Oh man, I love this shit… it’s so true, we love the stars when they turn badass.  I STILL go to ... Read More »

Baze Before Life Unexpected


Before you click play, be warned, there is swearing and sexual content.  If you are a prude or are easily offended, time to move along. Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way… BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  *Deep Breath* TEEEEEEHEHEHEHE  *Doubles over*  Oh my god, I’m never going to look at Baze the same again.  Neverrrr, in my mind he’ll always be dry humping a mailbox. I’m a HUGE fan of the new show Life Unexpected and am currently hoping and praying that it doesn’t get canceled.  I’m praying, people… and I’m not even religious.  That will tell you how much ... Read More »

Oh Charlie, No.


A soul patch?  No. Just… no. I love you Charlie, I like your face, I like your voice, I even believe you deserve your own team just like Edward and all the other boys, but the soul patch?  This video? No. Read More »

Ranger and Morelli Cast For Stephanie Plum Movie


Ever since I first heard that this movie is happening, I’ve been impatiently waiting to find out who Stephanie Plum’s leading men would be.  I really do dig Katherine Heigl as Stephanie and was really worried that they would go all wrong with the casting of Ranger and Morelli.  I was also keen to see if, by some slim chance, they went with my choices, but no such luck. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad though… let’s have a little look-see at who will be playing these two men that are so near and dear to our hearts. JOE MORELLI ... Read More »

Katherine Heigl Already More Plum-Like


It’s been a few months now since it was announced that Katherine Heigl will be playing Stephanie Plum in the upcoming film One For The Money, which is the first installment in the 20 book series by Janet Evanovich.  While I am fully behind her in the role a lot of people are not convinced.  One of the things I was worried about was that they wouldn’t try to make her really look like Stephanie.  Heigl is well known for being a rather flashy, blond bombshell and Stephanie is pretty much the opposite, more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of ... Read More »

100% Chance of Meatballs


Tonight my husband and I had a meatball themed night.  We didn’t even really plan it that way, but I’m taking advantage of the coincidence so I can blog about it.  It started off with our dinner plans, Xander was cooking Knorr Chinese Beef Shanghai, which I never remember so I just call it Nutty Balls.  It’s meatballs in a somewhat nutty flavoured sauce with a bit of tauge served with chinese mie noodles.  Yummeh! I had been talking to some friends over the weekend who said they had recently seen the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and ... Read More »

My Rotterdam Challengers Experience


Last night I went to my first Rotterdam Challengers game here in Rotterdam.  A friend of mine (who will remain nameless to save her from being hounded for favors) told me she had a friend who could get her free tickets so I was like, oh HELL yeah!  I love basketball! I’ve been to many basketball games back in Canada, but I somehow remembered it as being more exciting than the game was last night.  Perhaps it was the lack of fans that attended (or maybe there just aren’t that many, I don’t know), or the poor performance by the ... Read More »

Hello Oprah? Have I Got A Show For You!


Remember years ago when I posted about Fox News trashing the Netherlands?  Then later about the Dutchie’s response to the ridiculous babblings of Bill O’Reilly?  I don’t think it’s any secret that I think Bill O’Reilly is a complete douche, nor do I think it’s an unpopular opinion.  He’s a blow hard who hears nothing but his own voice, and it infuriates me when he mouths off about the Netherlands. Today I watched the above video and the first thing I thought was, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE has got to get this guy on a show to face off with Bill O’Reilly!  ... Read More »