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I Heart Instagram


If you aren’t aware already, Instagram has recently become available for Android!  I love it! It’s weird though, because when it was only for iphone users and I’d see people uploading Instagram photos I’d be like “Meh, I don’t see what the appeal is with this, the photos look weird and why not just use their normal mobile camera??”.  I think it was just that I didn’t quite get how it worked, I didn’t realize that it was an entirely separate social network of its own, rather than just some program to make your pics look vintage or something. So, ... Read More »

WTH Facebook?! W.T.H?!


I thought I was imagining things. Then I thought that my phone just took really crappy photos… but that’s not the case. Facebook is killing my mobile photos and I want to know why! I have a HTC Desire and other than a few small things (like the constant messages about running out of internal storage) I can’t complain.  I don’t do as much with it as a lot of people, I rarely phone but I do msg people and upload photos to Facebook and all the usual stuff. Just the other day I had uploaded a photo and was ... Read More »

DIY Pop-Up Flash Diffuser


Tonight I am off to Amsterdam with my husband and a friend to take photos of a Zombie Walk.  It’s a celebration that is being put on by the FOXLife network to celebrate The Walking Dead starting soon on TV here in the Netherlands. It’s great timing that it is so close to Halloween. I’ve always seen photos from Zombie walks in Canada and the US and I’ve so wanted to get photos of one myself, so I’m really happy that they are doing one here now. Only problem is that unlike most of the zombie walks in other countries, ... Read More »

Don’t Hate Facebook, Hate Your Friends!


So, you’ve recently noticed changes to your homepage on Facebook and you are freaking out.  Suddenly you see posts between your friends and people you don’t know, the layout is different, you don’t know where to find what… you are LOSING. YOUR. MIND. First, take a deep breath. It’s not as bad as it seems!  Facebook has changed many times over the years it’s been around and we’ve always managed to adapt.  You’ll adapt to this too, it really isn’t the end of the world. Second, stop listening to the idiots on your friends list who are acting like Armageddon ... Read More »

The Best Pet Product to Ever Happen to Us


Before I tell you exactly what the product is, let me give you a bit of a background… We’ve always known that our dogs bark when we aren’t home and would always try to be out for 3-4 hours at most, so that they could go in their crates.  They love their crates and are happy and silent when they are in there, but we don’t like to leave them in too long (unless it’s bedtime).  If we were going for longer, which was rare, we’d make sure to be home by 10pm so that they don’t disturb the neighbours ... Read More »

Easy Order, Where Have You Been All My Life?


Also… why did you just come along when I won’t be needing you for very long? I admit it, tonight I ate at McDonald’s.  I know I just moaned the other day about my weight but I did say that it might not be today that I sort my shit out. One thing I have to say, when you don’t eat McDonald’s very often, it tastes pretty damn good. Anyway that’s not why I’m writing this.  When I walked in I saw these things… Wtf?? How long have they been there?  I know I didn’t eat McDonald’s for almost a ... Read More »

My Television Addiction


I am the first to admit that I have a serious television addiction.  I make myself feel better by thinking things like hey, at least I don’t smoke crack! It works pretty well. People often ask how I find the time to watch all the shows I do.  It’s pretty easy really… Firstly, I download every show I watch.  With the exception of the movie channels, Discovery and National Geographic I never watch anything on our real time TV.  It all gets watched on my laptop or via USB on the TV. The upside to downloading everything is that I ... Read More »

The Objects of My Desire


A few months ago I got a new phone, and I’m so incredibly in love with it.  It’s a HTC Desire android phone and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  It does everything for me, it’s my mp3 player, phone, camera, ereader, agenda… it’s my brain! Isn’t it pretty? My preciouuuuusssss… I love that I can lay in bed and read, and if I’m still awake and reading an hour later I can check my email and maybe throw out a few messages on Twitter before I go to sleep. I love that when I’m going ... Read More »

Tagged by Kara


I had mentioned on my post about the meme from Alison that another friend had tagged me in a different one as well.  It was Kara, my northern friend and weight loss buddy.  She gave me a few questions and apparently I am supposed to come up with a few of my own and pass it on.  I pity the people I choose because I have the whole time I’m writing this to come up with some really silly questions! Now, on to the questions Kara left for me… 1. Where would you like to live once you retire? This ... Read More »

Tag, I’m It!


Every once in a while blog awards and memes go around and this is one of those days!  This week two of my blogging buddies asked me to ‘pass it on’ so that is what I’m doing.  I’ll do one now and one tomorrow. First,  Alison from A Flamingo in Utrecht named me as one of her most loyal followers.  She mentioned that she was finally going to meet me on Saturday, which was last night and meet we did! She helped school me on margarita’s and cooking flamingos while we ate the most gigantic hamburgers on the face of ... Read More »

She Loves Me Too!!


Yesterday Michelle over at Laundromat gave me this best blogger award.  YAY, I FEEL LOVED!!  I must say I was surprised and totally stoked to get it, as the whole little blog awards thing always seem to pass me by.   Over the past few weeks there’s been one going through all the expats here like a brush fire and I kept thinking someone pick me!!! … but nobody did.  Yeah that’s me whining, and I’m talking about you!!  Yeah you, expat person reading this who doesn’t love me and didn’t give me the award when they got it!  I’m just ... Read More »