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RIP Spencer (1996-2012)


Yesterday we said goodbye to Spencer, the craziest, quirkiest, wildest, most amazingly and frustratingly unique cat I have ever known.  Inside this house he was incredibly affectionate but always into mischief… he was always getting into something and giving me funny things to write about.  Like the time I caught him fishing in the turtle tank or the time he somehow took the door off the hinges to get to the spare room.  From the moment I took him home he made sure I knew that he wasn’t going to make my life easy, but he also showed me that ... Read More »

100 Steps To Go


Last month I wrote an update on what the current situation is in regards to the fertility treatments.  In short, I have had six rounds of IUI (artificial insemination) with no luck, now I need to take a break to lose a further 15-20 kilos before we can start treatments again. I was a bit worried about how it was all going to go.  I wanted the hormones out of my system so I could feel normal again, and it worked. Once they were gone I felt much more myself, the clouds in my head started to part and I ... Read More »

A Well Deserved Break. Well, Sorta.


Well, if you can call it a break, but I will get to that in a moment… Some people have been asking what is going on with us and the fertility treatments.  I’ve not written about it in a while just because I’ve been too exhausted both physically and emotionally. For the last five months, I have spent a LOT of time (and by a lot I mean way too freaking much) here: Because my life has revolved around this… Don’t get excited, there is no baby in there.  That’s an egg follicle.  Every month I had to go to ... Read More »

I Would Die For That Too


Today is the day I found out a few things. I found out that I will have at least one more month of giving myself injections, that in the next few weeks I will have anywhere between 5-7 hospital visits and that my life will once again revolve around hormones. I found out that for the next three to four weeks I’ll once again be fighting mood swings, side effects, food cravings and emotional tidal waves I’ve been living with for the past three months.  That I’ll spend at least one more month with people telling me just not to ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 27


OMG IT IS SO TOTALLY MY LAPTOP!! Seriously, if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you are all too aware of my cardiac arrest this evening when my laptop died on me.  I got up from a nap and realized it was really slow so I decided to reboot it.  When it came time to start back up, nothing happened. PANIC!! I got my husband to do his magic cord pulling and button pressing maneuvers but nothing worked.  That’s when the panic really set in. While he was messing around with that I got ... Read More »

A Lego of My Own


A while back I spoke about the mysterious death of two of my turtles. I still have no idea what happened but it was in July of last year, shortly after we came back from our camping trip, and they died within a few days of each other. They were in separate tanks, nothing had been shared between the two.  I honestly have absolutely no clue what caused their deaths.  At one point we thought it was the fish but after observing them and keeping them separate from the turtles for a period of time, there appeared to be no ... Read More »

Not Just A Tree


Back in 2006 I wrote an entry titled Just a Tree? in which I spoke about my visit to the Anne Frank House and the giant chestnut tree that stands behind it. At that time there were a lot of discussions in regards to whether they were going to cut the tree down because it was weak and in danger of falling over.  It never was torn down though, and to be honest I haven’t thought about it a whole lot since.  Until today. I just visited the blog of my friend DutchBitch and learned the terrible news that not ... Read More »



After almost 11 years living in another country, it still amazes me how deeply I still love Canada.  Especially the east coast.  Nova Scotia is my home, Cape Breton Island holds a piece of my heart and is part of who I am like only another Caper could truly understand… I’m not at all homesick on Canada Day this year, not even a little bit.  I’m a picture of calm and acceptance.  I am cool personified. In fact, I didn’t even burst into tears when I heard our national anthem in this video… nor when I saw the dude standing ... Read More »

More Blasts From My Past


We all know I’m terrible for taking long, agonizing walks down Memory Lane, right? Well… I’m at it again! Out of the blue a few days ago I started humming the theme song to The Littlest Hobo.  When I told my husband about it he had never heard of the show so I started singing the tune to him.  Then today I saw my friend Gail posted a video with the same tune.   Most of you probably have no idea what it is, but if you were a child in the 70’s and 80’s in Canada, this will probably tug ... Read More »

I SAID Don’t Gag Me, Dammit!

Today I went for my second gastroscopie and all I can say is that it wasn’t as good an experience as the first one.  Everything seemed to be following the same routine as the first time, I went in, they took my blood pressure, laid me down and gave me the drugs.  Then I was off to La La Land. This time I paid attention when they gave me the drugs and watched the time on the monitor.  He put it in at 25 seconds and the last I remember seeing was 47.  So that stuff works pretty quickly!  I ... Read More »

A Sweet Proposal

I just got back from dropping my mother off at the airport.  I’m a bit down and I miss her already but I’ve learned over the years that if I let myself wallow I can sometimes not drag myself back out, so I try to keep myself occupied until it passes.   When I got home I checked my RSS feed and saw the sweetest thing,  it managed to make me smile even though I’m feeling so sad. On Bakerella.com, one of my favorite (not to mention sinfully tempting) baking websites, a man contacted the blogger and asked for her help ... Read More »