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30 Days of Truth: Day 24


Ugh, I’ve been dreading this one.  I’m really not a big music person… there are a lot of songs I can sing along with but ask me who sings them or what they are called? Forget it… I’m not going to do a playlist for just one person, because I’ll …

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30 Days of Truth: Day 22


Other than wishing I’d never dated this douchebag or acted like such a shithead when I first moved here, I think the thing I wish I hadn’t done in my life is waste my opportunity for a decent education by quitting college.  I went to college straight out of high …

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30 Days of Truth: Day 9


One person I never wanted to lose touch with but somehow did was a friend of mine who used to live here in NL.  I met her years ago when she was living here with her husband, she was really new here and she hated it with a passion.  Her …

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30 Days of Truth: Day 8


Pffft, easy. It would have to be the guy I was dating before I met Xander.  We’ll call him J…. J what?  Jerk? J-Douche? Jackoff? Jeeny weeny peeny? Hey, any of the above apply.  Pretty much any negative description you could come up with apply. This guy was a dick, …

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Not Just A Tree


Back in 2006 I wrote an entry titled Just a Tree? in which I spoke about my visit to the Anne Frank House and the giant chestnut tree that stands behind it. At that time there were a lot of discussions in regards to whether they were going to cut …

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Ralph Macchio Strikes Back


Before I show this video, I must confess that I blatantly and shamelessly ripped this off from Avitable, who found it first.  I couldn’t help myself, I’m on an 80’s kick lately after umm… *cough* acquiring an 80’s Teen Movie Pack which is 57 gigs and includes pretty much every …

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My Main Man


It occurred to me today that this month is the 14th anniversary of mine and Spencer’s life together.  He has been with me from Prince Edward Island, to Toronto and finally over here to the Netherlands. I found him in 1996, I was 21 and had just moved out of …

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I’m Twelve Again


One day I was looking through some craft websites and saw these friendship bracelets.  Suddenly I was 12 years old again and itching to make some.  I thought back to the day when I was a kid and making bracelets with gimp was all the rage, man I loved that …

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My Father The Mortician


My father (seated center) and his band, The Morticians, in the ruins of Moxham’s Castle (1966) Today an old friend of the family posted these photos of my father and his band, The Morticians, on Facebook.  They were taken in the mid to late 60’s.   I’ve heard a lot about …

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