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Tantrums & Rants

WTH Facebook?! W.T.H?!


I thought I was imagining things. Then I thought that my phone just took really crappy photos… but that’s not the case. Facebook is killing my mobile photos and I want to know why! I have a HTC Desire and other than a few small things (like the constant messages about running out of internal storage) I can’t complain.  I don’t do as much with it as a lot of people, I rarely phone but I do msg people and upload photos to Facebook and all the usual stuff. Just the other day I had uploaded a photo and was ... Read More »

Review: Le Jardin de Saint Adrien


On the same day that my husband and I visited Salagou and Moureze with my mother-in-law, we also went to visit Le Jardin de Saint Adrien.  It’s a beautiful privately owned garden that was created from the ruins of an old rock quarry.  It is actually someone’s back yard!  In the summer months they open it up as a public garden for people to view it, and we were there just at the right time of year. My MIL had been there previously with some friends and really liked it, so we decided to make this our last stop for ... Read More »

Have I Been Living in The Netherlands Too Long?


A friend shared this article on Facebook earlier and the list made me laugh a bit because a fair few of them really do apply to me!  Some not, but many… oh hell yes. I’m sorry, I just had to stop at number 81 and come back up here to say that this is quite possibly the most ridiculous NL list I’ve ever seen, but since I actually GOT to 81 I am too stubborn to stop, and therefore, I insist on still sharing it with the rest of you.  I should have read the entire thing before running to ... Read More »

100 Steps To Go


Last month I wrote an update on what the current situation is in regards to the fertility treatments.  In short, I have had six rounds of IUI (artificial insemination) with no luck, now I need to take a break to lose a further 15-20 kilos before we can start treatments again. I was a bit worried about how it was all going to go.  I wanted the hormones out of my system so I could feel normal again, and it worked. Once they were gone I felt much more myself, the clouds in my head started to part and I ... Read More »

The Day I Almost Killed a Cyclist


Rant incoming! It’s about people, and how they suck… and the rules of the road in the Netherlands that I just don’t understand! Today my husband and I were driving to the supermarket, and he nearly hit a biker with the car.  We both instantly thought that the guy was in the wrong, and apparently he thought the same about us. Here’s the scene: We were driving along the street when we came along one of these weird dremples (speed bumps) with the pole next to it.  The reddish lane is a bicycle lane, but this old-ish lady in a ... Read More »

Even Brando Liked Some Wang


I saw a video today that I really liked.  It’s part of the It Gets Better movement, which is a collection of messages from people all over the world, including celebrities, aimed at gay teenagers who suffer at the hands of bullies. I love this video because it’s funny, it’s cool and it has a great message.  I also love it because at the end she takes the time to make the point that it’s not just gay teens who get bullied, something I think a lot of people forget.  Kids get bullied because they are too fat, too skinny, ... Read More »

When Project Baby and Project Fatass Collide


In order to start with my fertility treatments I had to lose over 80 lbs.  Here in the Netherlands they won’t give you hormone treatments unless you are beneath a certain BMI, due to the risk of hypertension and other complications.  I did really well for about 1.5 years, but I had no idea how difficult it was going to be once I started the hormone therapy. This stuff is making me batshit crazy, and hungry!  It’s like PMS all month long.  Seriously, it’s absolute insanity! For months I followed a very strict diet which excluded most carbs, all sugar ... Read More »

My War on Asia


Living in a flat in Rotterdam brings with it a lot of interesting interactions with neighbours.  We have been living in this flat for over ten years and while we do have some really awesome neighbours, we have also had some total jerkoffs, inconsiderate twats (who we totally busted) and royal pains in the ass. There’s one neighbour that I’ve decided I’m going to declare war with.  I’m not quite sure how, but I’ve been trying to hatch a plan over the last two or three years and I’m sure I’ll come up with something good any minute now. They ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 18


So here’s the thing, I couldn’t give a crap about gay marriage. The same goes for polygamy, swingers, open marriages and any other unconventional adult relationship.  I think as long as everyone involved are consenting adults, leave them the hell alone.  It’s not our business what goes on in other people’s bedrooms and none of us should be able to tell anyone else who they can love or spend their lives with. I’m completely non-religious so the whole homosexuality is a sin argument is lost on me.  Having sex with young boys is also a sin, from what I hear, ... Read More »

Confessions of a Fat Girl: Fat and Feminine?


These are my nails, fake ones.  Pretty, aren’t they?  I got them done at Nagelstudio Ellen in Barendrecht and I couldn’t be happier with them. She is awesome, she also took the photos.  Check out the swirlys, cute huh? You may be wondering why I got acrylic nails. I mean, that’s a little lush for a housewife, isn’t it?  A bit extravagant? Maybe even a bit silly?  Not really. They are my gift to myself for continuing to lose weight and get closer to my goals. Something I can have every day to look at, feel pretty and smile.  I ... Read More »

British vs American TV Series – Coupling


I have a thorn in my side and I’m going to blog about it. An entire series on why British TV rocks my socks and why Americans need to stop trying to recreate it. There’s something about British TV that is so great, great in an entirely different way to anything we watch on American television.  It’s hard to describe… the humor is different, it’s more dry and requires a bit more brain power to pick up on. I guess it’s not as in your face and obvious as a lot of US shows.  Don’t get me wrong, there is ... Read More »