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So Nice to See You Again!


It felt like ages since I’ve seen Bailey’s eyes, or Pixel’s little legs.  A trip to the groomer was definitely in order. I love it so much when they come home all tidied up and I can actually see Bailey looking at me.  See Pixel’s little wiener body and those freaking adorable faces! I love my dogs so much, they are so different but each so awesome in their own ways… and now, most importantly, they smell so much better! Read More »

The Most Ridonkulously Cuddly Dog Ever


Yes, Ridonkulously is a word, really… would I lie to you? I’m still completely and utterly addicted to Intagram (where you can find me under the name Canadutch, or just look here on Statigram) and Pixel has quickly become one of my favorite photo subjects. I realized as I was uploading a photo of her this morning, that she may very well be the cuddliest dog that ever lived.  No, seriously… look at this. There are a few cameos of Bailey and us humans but I think you get the point. We really try to remember what Cesar Milan tells ... Read More »

RIP Spencer (1996-2012)


Yesterday we said goodbye to Spencer, the craziest, quirkiest, wildest, most amazingly and frustratingly unique cat I have ever known.  Inside this house he was incredibly affectionate but always into mischief… he was always getting into something and giving me funny things to write about.  Like the time I caught him fishing in the turtle tank or the time he somehow took the door off the hinges to get to the spare room.  From the moment I took him home he made sure I knew that he wasn’t going to make my life easy, but he also showed me that ... Read More »

Princess Pixel on a Rainy Day


Anyone who knows us knows that Pixel has us wrapped around her little finger.  Bailey does as well, we are their bitches really.  We do try to Cesar Milan their asses whenever possible but there are times when they are just so cute and funny that we can’t help but laugh. Like Pixel on a rainy day… you have never seen a dog that hates the rain as much as she does.  Bailey doesn’t like it but he is a bit more of a trooper than Pixel is. “WALKIES”, we will yell out when it’s time to go.  This is ... Read More »

A Dog’s Life


Today I went into the bedroom to make the bed and as usual Bailey jumped up on it and made himself comfortable, and it wasn’t long before Pixel was hopping to get up there too.  They both seemed to think it was a great time for a nap. I agreed! Unfortunately, my husband didn’t and came in to tell me to get my arse in the shower so we could go out shopping. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!  I love me a good cat dog nap! Read More »

Hello Sunshine!


I have never in my life seen an animal that loves the sun as much as Pixel.  You would think that the cat would be the sun worshipper in the house but you’d be wrong.  Pixel is never happier than when she finds a nice sunny spot to stretch out.  She knows all the sweet spots in the house and will go from one to the next throughout the day as the sun moves around our flat. I think she even loves seeing the sun in spring more than I do, and that’s saying something! What a great way to ... Read More »

A Day in the Life of Stella


[vimeo id=”8327538″ width=”600″ height=”350″] What a life!  When I die I want to go back in time and come back as Stella. I figure if reincarnation is possible then time travel must be too. This is such a great video!  I’d love to make something like that for a day in the life of Bailey or Pixel.  Get a photo of them running out of their crate in the morning and legging it to the living room to see if Spencer left any food behind, lazing on the footstool in the sun, going for a walk, eating some poop, giving ... Read More »

The Best Pet Product to Ever Happen to Us


Before I tell you exactly what the product is, let me give you a bit of a background… We’ve always known that our dogs bark when we aren’t home and would always try to be out for 3-4 hours at most, so that they could go in their crates.  They love their crates and are happy and silent when they are in there, but we don’t like to leave them in too long (unless it’s bedtime).  If we were going for longer, which was rare, we’d make sure to be home by 10pm so that they don’t disturb the neighbours ... Read More »

Adventures at the Dog Park: Jack & Russell


We are still taking Pixel and Bailey to the dog park pretty regularly.  Pixel is never a problem but we continue to be somewhat anxious when it comes to Bailey and his aggressive attitude towards other male dogs. You can imagine how worried we were the first time these two entered the park. They are brothers and their names are Jack & Russell. Yes, Jack Russell.  NOT what I was expecting the day I was standing in the back of the field and someone said “Oh here comes Jack Russell!”  Not what I was expecting at all! First, they are ... Read More »

Pixel’s Pitiful Attempts at a Howl


The other day I heard sirens coming in the distance.  I quickly grabbed my camera and got it ready to record Bailey and his howling, just because I think it’s funny.  I was wondering if this would be the time that Pixel finally joins in as up till now she has only barked and given him weird looks when he howls at things.  Here is what happened… you have to listen carefully for Pixel because Bailey tends to drown her out a bit. Yeah, not a lot of howling going on from Pixel but she is trying!  You can tell ... Read More »