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Bailey! Quit Being a Jackass!


That’s me about 100 times a day at the dog park.  Oh, give me strength! For the last week or two we have been trying to socialize our dogs by taking them to a nearby enclosed dog park.  Bailey has become quite anti-social over the years, especially with other male dogs.  He snarls and lunges and gives me a heart attack. I know Cesar Milan would tell me to be calm, but how can I be calm when my little ... Read More »

The Tables Have Turned!


Remember back when Pixel was only a few weeks old and I made some videos of her and Bailey playing? That was two years ago… Pixel really gave it her all but Bailey had the upper hand with a huge size advantage. A friend of mine made a comment on one of the videos saying she wondered what it would be like once Pixel was a bit bigger. Well… she’s still not quite as big as him but it’s definitely ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 15


Ok first let me get the usual suspects aside.  My husband, my friends, my family… goes without saying. There’s something I have tried to live without that didn’t go very well, I was miserable. When I first left home when I was 21, back in 1996, I lasted approximately three weeks without any pets. It was horrible!  I wasn’t allowed to bring the horrid little dog that I had to the flat I was living in so I left her ... Read More »

Do Not Disturb


It’s really difficult to knit with a dog on your lap, especially one who doesn’t like when the yarn touches her nose.  I don’t have the heart to disturb her so I try to knit a little off to the side.  She really does have me trained pretty well. What? I’d like to see you try to resist that face!  Trust me, it’s not as easy as you might think! Read More »

Titan: The Not-So-Hostile Takeover


We’ve now had Titan with us for almost three days, and he’s completely won us all over.  With the exception of bit of night time drama the first night in his crate, he’s been an absolute dream to have around.  Now that he’s sleeping peacefully in his crate through the night, I think I can say he’s the perfect dog.  He’s calm, much more calm than our two nutjobs, he is very cuddly, obedient and an absolute pleasure to take ... Read More »

A Lego of My Own


A while back I spoke about the mysterious death of two of my turtles. I still have no idea what happened but it was in July of last year, shortly after we came back from our camping trip, and they died within a few days of each other. They were in separate tanks, nothing had been shared between the two.  I honestly have absolutely no clue what caused their deaths.  At one point we thought it was the fish but ... Read More »

Sherman, Mind Your Manners!


Would you please stop eating with your mouth open, it’s rude! Honestly, you are three years old now, it’s about time you learned some table manners! Don’t give me that look… and for pity sake, wipe your mouth! Read More »