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A Sunday Run


Oh you didn’t think I was the one running, did you?   Surely you know me better than that! This morning we decided to take the dogs to a nearby area that is enclosed where they can run off their leads.  We were up early and it was a rather miserable day so we were confident that we’d have the place to ourselves.  That way we wouldn’t have to worry about Bailey picking fights with other dogs. As you can ... Read More »

Bailey The Brute


Ever wonder what happens when you get between a dog and a chicken bone? That… that is what happens when you try to wrestle a chicken bone from the mouth of a Yorkie. A few weeks ago I was walking along minding my own business, the dogs were running around sniffing everything and eating poo like every other day when suddenly Bailey dashed into the bushes. I know that dash, it’s the I’m gonna get there before you realize where ... Read More »

Basking Beauties


Spencer’s not the only one to enjoy the sun that comes into our living room in the morning these days.  The dogs have taken to lazing around in it as well. As promised, Rotterdam didn’t see any snow this weekend!  It’s still sunny and beautiful just like I planned.  Only 13 days now until the official start of Spring (March 20).  I think winter is officially over… I made it! Read More »

Saturday Photo Hunt – Daily (Dog Drama)


Bailey (top right) and Pixel (bottom right) peacefully engaging another dog.  A rare occasion indeed! This week’s Photo Hunt theme is Daily.  One thing that is a part of our daily life, come rain or shine, is walking the dogs… and the drama that comes along with it.  I snapped this photo last week while we were out for a walk in the snow, you can see my two on the right checking out this little dog we came across.  ... Read More »

First Snow of 2009

Yesterday is snowed in the Netherlands and I woke up and squealed like a crazy person.  Thankfully I was home alone as it was one of the few days this month that my husband was called in to work.  I thought about going out to take photos but it was so dark and dreary that I decided not to.  This morning we had a bit more snow and I went out with hubby and the dogs to snap a few ... Read More »

Love Opera?

So does Bailey! … or maybe he doesn’t, it’s kind of hard to tell. He also does this with choir music, fire engines and the monthly Monday at 12pm city alarm.  Xander took this video last night while I was watching the end of Becoming Jane during a scene at the Opera.  We’ve tried so many time to catch him on video but we either miss the window or are too busy laughing to remember.  We got him this time ... Read More »

Have I Mentioned That I Love Autumn?

Hrmm I think I may have… perhaps once or twice. Yeah, I definitely have!  LOADS! Yesterday was the first day of Autumn here in the Netherlands and what a great summer we’ve had!  Normally, I spend my autumn posts talking about what I love about the autumn but I’m pretty sure I’ve done that to death and you get the point, so instead I’ll spend this post looking back on what I loved about the summer. One thing my husband ... Read More »

My Bad Luck With Pets

This has been a bad few weeks for me pet wise and anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I love my pets and it breaks my heart when anything happens to them. First there was Bailey’s attack by a pit bull, which frightened the life out of me and has left me still a little nervous when out walking the dogs on my own. Then within the last week I lost these two turtles.  Radar, my ... Read More »

Why You Should Leash Your Dogs!

Bailey in his Medical Pet Shirt, so much nicer than a big ugly cone! Sunday  night Xander and I went out with the dogs at about 10pm.  As we were walking along Xander was telling me how he met up with a guy a few nights ago with two big Staffordshire’s off their leashes, and when Xander reminded him about the leash law the guy told him off. Then he was telling me how dangerous it is because if one ... Read More »