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30 Days of Truth: Day 11

People seem to compliment me on this blog.  Some of the compliments I have are about the theme and layout, because they think it’s quite complicated and I must be a creative genius… when really it’s a theme that came ready-made and all I did was tweak it! Wait, it …

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Bitchsterdam 2

On June 12th Xander and I hopped in the car and headed off to the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam for Bitchsterdam 2.  For those of you wondering what Bitchsterdam is, it’s a gathering of bloggers, organized by DutchBitch, that has taken place two years in a row now when …

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Tag, I’m It!

Every once in a while blog awards and memes go around and this is one of those days!  This week two of my blogging buddies asked me to ‘pass it on’ so that is what I’m doing.  I’ll do one now and one tomorrow. First,  Alison from A Flamingo in …

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Sunday Morning At Carnisse Grienden

Yesterday morning we woke up and it was foggy and grey. Not exactly what we hoped for on a Sunday morning but it would have to do.  I had a lot of housework that I was avoiding, so I asked my husband how he’d feel about going for a drive …

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She Loves Me Too!!

Yesterday Michelle over at Laundromat gave me this best blogger award.  YAY, I FEEL LOVED!!  I must say I was surprised and totally stoked to get it, as the whole little blog awards thing always seem to pass me by.   Over the past few weeks there’s been one going through …

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The Finished Product

Today my mother sent me photos of the tea quilt I made her after she got it home and put it up.   It’s kind of exciting for me because this is the first quilt I’ve ever made for someone as a gift that is on display somewhere. She hung it …

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